Friday, June 26, 2009

fare thee well

hey there

well, there's really only one subject all are talking about today, and that's the sudden, shocking passing of one of the greatest talents the world has ever seen, Michael Jackson.

for those of us fortunate enough to have been there growing up in the 80s he will be fondly remembered for entertaining us in ways the likes of which we had never seen before and are unlikely to see again. his music was never short of spectacular, delivering classic hit after classic hit.

the fondest memory i have is probably the status symbol some had of actually owning the video Making Michael Jackson's Thriller. in the summer of 1983, you didn't really "own" videotapes - you rented them, or possibly had one or two films recorded off tv. this one was one of the first videos you could walk into a store and buy and keep forever. we never owned it, but those who did were seen as being very lucky to do so, and regularly had visitors to watch it.

close to that would be the sheer buzz surrounding the release of Bad in 1987. i vividly remember hearing the lead single, I Just Can't Stop Loving You, for the first time on the radio system aeroplanes had back then when returning with the family from a holiday (Portugal, i think?). then, of course, the release of the album itself - the night before we were treated to the world premiere of the Bad video, directed by no less than Martin Scorsese. not as immediately stunning as Thriller, but then what could be you have to ask, and then the next day finding the HMV in Middlesbrough stocked with pretty much nothing else but the album.

as for the allegations which dogged the man from the early 90s onwards, well, i always found it rather peculiar that the parents of those children were rather far more interested in money than they were following the course of law and justice.

there are of course a number of people pouring scorn and contempt on this, and indeed spreading what has become obligatory and often poor "jokes". no judgement or crictism from me for those doing this - all i can say is i, and many others, envy you in a sense, as clearly your world isn't that little bit sadder today. i would indeed feel sorry for those who are doing this too, as they are obviously from a time and generation devoid of the magic and thrill of a genuine, true superstar. if you don't have it, you never know what you missed, i guess.

Michael was a man denied the private, "normal" life that i would presume the majority of the readers of this take for granted. in return, he was a superstar that shone as bright as any star could, and entertained not millions but billions. any and every lover of music owes him a thank you, and this brief teardrop of a tribute in the ocean of praise for the man today is mine.

be excellent to each other.
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