Tuesday, June 02, 2009

of ducks and ponies

hey everyone

well, Dad's been camera happy again, and what better forum to show off his pictures than right here? it looks like scenes from a rather splendid Sunday, going off to look at their new horse and see some ducks!

first up, in the bitter sting of autumn on the highveld, here's Richard, Lyla and a very rock n roll looking Mum out if the fields, looking for some ducks!

oh and, in one of the best pics my Dad has taken, here's Erika with the discovered ducks!

the above is a really good picture, well done Dad! or did Mum take it?

next up is a rather fascinating picture of the ducks they sought....

i imagine they are on the prowl looking for food, but i am intrigued as they are (sort of) walking in a straight line. we have a mate Jasper that could get chickens to march in a straight line, but he did that by and large due to giving them a rather heavy dose of acid. i have no idea if the same trick was done on the ducks, but i suspect not!

erm, moving on from that, and it's time to have a gander at the new horse! Lyla is clearly quite taken with him/her/it!

most impressive! and who should be joining them for a look other than the celebrated, much admired and cherished Terry Paine!

i gather they all had a nice spot of lunch after admiring the horse. if Terry and my Dad got on their histories, hobbies and passions as a subject, not to mention putting the world to rights, well then i imagine that the lunch is still going on now, a good few days later!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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