Sunday, March 23, 2008

more Sunday fun!!!

hey everyone

a few more pictures of James and Ariella having fun this afternoon!!

here they are again in the bouncy castle! they certainly had a great deal of fun with it thanks to Grandad being in it for most of the time - those with a keen eye will note that he is there in the background!!

and here we are building blocks!! James is not usually quite so co-operative when it comes to block building; he tends to take an approach of if they are his, then they are very much his and no one else is to touch them! nice to see the two of them getting along so well as they build a tower (or, most likely, Batman ladder) to the moon or somewhere!!

and here we are hitting Stacey with the inflatable guard sticks from the bouncy castle. to give Stacey some dignity i have used a picture that does not illustrate her being hit in such a manner; those of you of a mind to see pictures like that are welcome to search the interwebnet for (ahem) "specialist" sites, or even contact my brother-in-law, Grant. i doubt many feature Stacey, but anyway.

for some reason Grandma and Grandad find some sort of sense in buying gifts for James that are aerodynamically sound and can be used as weaponry with ease. ho hum, at least they have fun with them, and did not cause all that much damage!

and here we are with the two fine families together. sorry, the kids were all rather tired by the time we remembered that it would be a good idea to get a group picture!! this image will look class on the wedding invites for James and Ariella in 20 or so years time!

and finally, it is bedtime, so Ariella is kindly tucking in James for the night. not that either went to sleep, they took turns in tucking each other in on their respective couches for a fair bit of time!!

well, that's the highlights of our Easter Sunday. i trust that you all had a rather good day too!!

many thanks for the visit, Shaun, Stacey and Ariella - it really was terrific to see you all!!! safe journey home!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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