Saturday, March 22, 2008


it's Easter weekend, and James already has a large amount of Easter Eggs lined up for him! this posed a slight problem, as Great Grandma Harland and Great Uncle Bobby had left some money for Easter for James. what to get for him if he already had quite a few eggs? well, simple really, more Batman stuff!!!

here's James with the class Batman Hot Wheels race track that we got for him thanks to the above mentioned people!! wisely, we allowed Mummy to build it, although Daddy was allowed to put the stickers on!!!

it is rather smart - there's a sort of Batcave looking device with a motor in it that sends the cars flying around! he's not even 30 months old yet, but James is somehow clever enough to have worked out how all of this operates, and is quite happy to switch the motor on and off himself!!

here he is sort of posing with it - it's a pose that suggests "if i sort of sit still for one picture, maybe they will leave me alone to play with Batman"!!!!

and here's another shot of the track, or at least as much of the track as i could fit into the picture! i think it's called "Arkham Asylum Escape" if you are interested, but to James it is just the Batcave for Batman to go driving around!!

well, i guess we have a Batman filled Easter ahead of us! James' Grandad is supposed to be scanning and sending a picture of a very young me dressed as Batman in the not too distant future; as soon as he gets around to it i will be putting it up here!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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