Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chilli Vinyl

wow, somebody up there likes me! i by chance saw a newspaper article on a vinyl store. a vinyl store not only in SA, but one that is (more or less) within walking distance from our house!!

as i have been off verk for the last week, i was able to go and spend a good couple of hours with the proprietor, Steve, at his class Chilli Vinyl store. a most excellent day was had, discussing quality music in a quality format, whilst playing Joy Division's Still lp as it was intended to be heard!

there were thousands of records i could have purchased (well, hundreds) but i limited myself to a couple of great finds - a picture disc 12" of Frankie's The Power Of Love, and the 12" of Sally Cinnamon by The Stone Roses. well, OK, 4 or 5 others, but those two are the standout example of the quality available there.

if you are in the area and wish to hear music as it should be heard, i urge you to click on these words or the link on this page and go and see the Chilli Vinyl interwebnet site and get the details of where to visit them.

they are holding a record faire on April 6, and i would imagine that i shall be at it. i suggest you do the same!!

see, i am not the only one that celebrates vinyl as being greater than all this new techno stuff!!

be excellent to each other!!! buy vinyl!!!!!!!!!!!
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