Saturday, March 22, 2008

when James met Jamie....

hey everyone

a belated update, as this was last weekend!! i think i have only just about recovered from the cocktails ace barman Ryan chose to serve me!!

Maryke and Ryan invited us over to help celebrate Maryke's birthday, and of course to meet young Jamie at last!!

i am delighted to report that James and Jamie got on rather well indeed. this was true in particular when Jamie was in his walker ring, as James was thrilled to push him around, testing the patience of various items of furniture along the way!

as for the cocktails, well, i do not believe that i have ever had quite so many margaritas in my lifetime, really. the screwdriver and the tequila sunrise were also rather pleasant. pina coladas? they were on offer, but unfortunately there were no umbrellas available, so it would have been just plain wrong to drink one.

by the way, Ryan and Maryke, i now have the pina colada song on my phone for the next time!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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