Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter with Ouma!!

hello again

well, despite my promises of some of my ranting and raving instead of family updates, here are some more family pictures from Easter!!

James and Mummy went off to see Ouma, Uncle Dylan, Auntie Tasha and cousins Jade and Skyla this afternoon, to see if they could not very well go and find all the eggs haging around Ouma's garden! for those of you hoping to catch a glimpse of James' Ouma, forget it, she is about as happy to be in pictures as Michele is!!

without further ado, if in fact there has been any ado thus far, here are the pics! first up is Jade, Skyla and James posing for a picture, with Dylan dressed as Spider-Man in the background. not quite sure why James is looking rather serious, if not apprehensive in this picture? oh yes i do, look, he is proudly showing off his ace Batman t-shirt!!

next up is the business of the easter eggs, hidden around the garden. Michele seems to have managed some sort of bleach effect in the picture, but never mind, you can see the joy of James as he proudly finds a chocolate bunny hidden away!!

oddly, James does not seem to fond of Easter Egg chocolate. he loves opening them, then takes a bite, then finds someone else to eat the rest of it for him; usually Mummy or Daddy, so our figures have gone somewhat haywire over the weekend. not that mine was any great shakes, but anyway.

here's a close-up shot of Jade, Skyla and James, with Auntie Tasha and the egg basket lurking in the background. unless i am rather mistaken, James is close to the border that is the land of having a smile in this one!!

and finally, one of the egg hunt in full swing, with Tasha at the ready with the basket to either put them in or take them out of!!

well, it looks like James has had as much fun this afternoon as he did on Sunday! nice to see the lovely ladies are already fawning all over him; i suspect Grant in New Zealand in particular will be proud to see his cousins taking a shine to him. Grant does have some funny ideas, the likes of which will not be published here, thank you.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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