Saturday, March 22, 2008

hello there Lyla!!!

hey everyone

well, Erika kindly keeps sending pictures along of delightful Lyla, but i tend to not get around to (ok, i forget) updating the site!! sorry, and to make amends, here are some great pictures of the little princess!!!

first up, here she is in her rather elegant new jim-jams!! James would love these if they were not quite so pink; for like Lyla he is an Eeyore enthusiast. and on that note, go figure - all the kids i know of love and revere Eeyore at a level equal to, if not greater than, their love of perennial favourite Tigger, but for some reason Eeyore becomes a somewhat marginalized figure in the world of all things Pooh. as in it is tricky to find things of him!!

and here is Lyla proudly in command of a swing! unlike her cousin, Lyla seems content to handle a swing in a conventional way, which would be to wisely sit upon it and allow the gentle breezes of the wind to rock one back and forth. James? swings? they are experimentation devices. fear not, though, for the bruise has now faded away from the last "class idea" James had with a swing.....

and finally, here we are checking out the animals down at the zoo. or possibly at the farm. or a farm zoo. or a zoo farm. i don't know, i can't remember what Erika said they were up to that day!! what i do know is that i trust that Lyla and grown ups were careful - whatever that is that she is busy checking out, well, it has a beak and probably the temper to go with it!!

and finally, here is one of Lyla (ahem) sitting in her class walker device, i am certain this is the one that James got her for Christmas! the idea, Lyla, is that you walk with it, holding on to the handle. it appears that you have the wisdom of your father, however, as it is probably better to just sit upon it, awaiting some kind soul to come and push you along to wherever you are going!!!

my, Lyla seems to like her dummy! James never took to one, so there you go!!!

right, that's current James and Lyla pics for you!!! alas, no new ones from the land known as New Zealand for a while now - perhaps all acts of photography, digital or otherwise, are prohibited there over Easter??????

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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