Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter in New Zealand, a celebration

hey everyone

and, as if by magic, no sooner do i comment that they do not appear to take pictures in New Zealand over Easter, what should arrive but pictures of New Zealand celebrating Easter? thanks Gillian and Grant, here they are!!!

first up are Katie and her friend on the verge of embarking on an Easter Egg hunt, organized by Lisa. yes, they have people with the name of Lisa in New Zealand, so well done and congratulations to anyone who put a fiscal wager on that information.

Katie is doing her Mummy's trick here - very much apart posing for a picture, part "can we go and get the chocolate now please?" look about her, i dare say you may be of a mind to agree with!!

or is it the chocolate that Katie and her bunny ears seek? maybe, but perhaps not, but evidence suggests that Katie has a gentleman caller, or if you will "boyfriend" down in the sensational Land of Zeal that is New, apparently!!

i believe he is named Daniel, and they appear to have a similar passion for seeking out structures that celebrate all things water. nice one! Daniel, if you wish to impress Katie's Daddy, i suggest you walk around with a calculator!

wither, you may ask, is other Daniel? wisely, it would seem, he is staying rather close to the stash of the fish and chips, at a reasonable distance from New Zealand's famous water so as not to get them wet or in any way damp. sadly, Gillian and Grant did not deem it important to send a picture which showed Daniel's Face; this one is as good as it gets!

i am in particular impressed with Grant's pose in this image - i dare say there is an image of Grant in a similar pose, perhaps on a provocative towel down on the beach, hanging on many a wall of the sheep pens of New Zealand!!

James has thus far had little or no interest in his Easter Egg collection this morning, but with some luck i will be able to post some non-New Zealand celebratory pictures in the not too distant future!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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