Sunday, March 23, 2008

James, Ariella and Grandad!

hey everyone

well, our dear friends from the new Empire that is America head home tomorrow, so we all got together to spend the afternoon with Grandma and Grandad. my apologies for Grandma not featuring too much in these pictures, but as you will soon clock, Grandad was the centre of attention!!

now, granted, i am no expert in the world of guidelines around bouncy castles, but i suspect that there is some sort of recommended age limit for who can and who should not use one. no offence, Grandad, but i suspect you might be in the latter category. oh well, never mind, it did not stop you!!

one of the great things i have learnt thus far from being a father is that children, James in particular, will climb anything that is there which looks even remotely climbable. this would include, but is not exclusive to, the soft, easy to collapse walls of a majestic bouncy castle!! Grandad, very wisely, is not attempting to climb over himself, but was on hand to (sort of) catch them if they fell a bit too fast!!

and, speaking of the wisdom of Grandad, here he is running away quick whilst he has the chance to do so!

i am not surprised that he tried to make a break from it, he must have been exhausted from all the playing the three of them did!!

as you can see, James and Ariella had a most excellent afternoon and early evening, thanks in the most part to the great fun that Grandad is to play with!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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