Thursday, April 13, 2017

feel okish today but have


there can be few things in this world as gratifying or, look you see, splendid as learning that someone has made it home safe and sound, or if you like ok. those of you familiar with me in the non-casual browser sense, or have read this blog in detail, are only too aware of the travails i have had to go through to do this. but that is not the story here.

no, the story here today is this most splendid of text messages i received via my text messaging device, or if you will phone. i think in many respects it speaks for itself, except for the parts which i have edited out.

yes, quite. i am sure we can all agree, unless you are particularly cold of heart, that the above is a wonderful tale, celebrating a most triumphant evening in getting things sorted and then returning home.

the interesting thing about this is i have absolutely no idea who it is from, or what it was all about. i mean, yes, i do know the name and telephone number of the person who sent it, for i edited them out, but other than that your guess would be as good as mine. their number was not saved in my phone, and one would presume that if they are addressing the intended recipient as "babe" then it's quite likely that they know me not.

well, as this accidentally told story seems to be overall happy and successful in its conclusion, i trust that it has made you feel good that there is indeed good in the world. more good than bad, they say, and probably correctly. even if there are times when it feels not so much.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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