Thursday, April 06, 2017

messages through the conduit of money


over the years i've come to be privy to all sorts of information and details. well, we all have, look you see, but in this instance i mean that for reasons which have never been within my grasp i've defaulted to being some form of confidant for many. whether this is a flattering level of trust and value in me or that it is simply shared by those who would share information "confidentially" with all they met i know not. as i would have no idea as to where to start finding out which it is, let's just move on. or, indeed, not.

here, let's have a look at some money. people quite like money; always have and always will.

yes, quite. that is indeed a formidable wad of £10 notes, or if you like tenners, presented in Commodore 64 mode. sorry for the rather brash and vulgar, if not quite crass, display of personal wealth. i guess i must have been feeling quite flush and full of myself when i took the image.

money has many uses, most of which are practical but some of which are interesting. in a cash form, such as this, it is virtually untraceable. this is quite handy when one has dealings with proprietors or service people who, for whatever private reason, do not wish either taxation authorities or the constabulary to know what exactly they are charging people money for. one must, of course, respect this wish for privacy.

of the quite interesting things one can do with money the relaying of a message is, once again, at the fore of a post here. over the years i have brought you thoughts and images of when someone has passed along a message via the conduit of money, and this post is no different. but first, this.

no, alas, there is nothing wrong with your display screen or vision. that is indeed the Union Jack, or if you like Union Flag, but only not in the traditional red, white and blue that you would associate with it.  as for why it is fluffy, that's because it is a bath mat. a bath mat that i recently washed in a way that saw scant regard or attention to any washing instructions, hence the red running into the white and making it the red, blue and pink version of the flag you see.

what's the difference between a Union Jack and a Union Flag? pedantic types are the best to answer this, but if memory serves correct one only calls it the Jack variation as and when it is on display, or if you like being flown, on a boat or ship. what's the difference between a boat and a ship? pretty easy, really - sometimes you find a boat on a ship, but you'd never find a ship on a boat. well, not in a practical sense. i mean, you might find a ship on a boat, but only temporarily, as and when the ship had done whatever the aquatic equivalent is of running over a boat.

so yes, a message on money. of the rather bourgeois and copious pile of money i showed you earlier, one note had a message written on it. this is yet again, then, someone somehow knowing that i would come into the temporary custodianship of the note and thus felt they should share some words with me.

and here, at last if you have read all of this wondering what the point is, is the message.

quite a peculiar one, this, and nowhere near as straightforward as the post codes or vehicle registration numbers people usually pass on. or maybe it is, really. to my eyes that seems to be saying "66 english". it is no stretch of the imagination, then, to consider that this is referencing the most splendid World Cup victory recorded by the English in 1966.

also, it could be referring to something else entirely i suppose. whilst 66 would be a most peculiar number to write on what many would consider the very personification of decimal currency, it might be that once this note formed an integral part of a substantially bigger wad of cash than what i had, and this was as point of fact note number 66 is the pile.

what's the legal status of sending messages to people via the conduit of banknotes? not as relaxed as you might think. it is a criminal offence, as stipulated in one of the most celebrated works of legislation ever, that magnificent Currency and Banknotes Act 1928. although offenders are rarely arrested and subsequently prosecuted, theoretically you can be. should you be found to be guilty then a custodial sentence is unlikely, but you could face a fine of several hundred pounds.

there are undoubtedly similar laws surrounding the Union Jack / Flag, but it is not like i went ahead and changed the colours on purpose. just south of £6 that bath mat cost me, so it's not like i wished for it to be damaged.

anyway, in Commodore 64 mode the now pink bits look a lot closer to the original white it should be.

the world - in particular the "social media" one of that thing called "the internet" where people with absolutely nothing better to do but whine congregate - is full of crashing bores that claim the Union Jack / Flag is "the ultimate symbol of racism" and should be banned, unless it's being worn or bandied about by nice people, such as Paul McCartney or Her Majesty The Queen. such types may well get their wish if that rather anxious lady gets her wish and Scotland departs the Union represented in this flag to embark on an odyssey of independence. we left behind would have to get rid of the blue, i suppose.

i have the suspicion that, in a rare set of circumstances, this particular post has conveyed some information, knowledge maybe, that's practical, interesting and worth knowing. most unusual indeed, and i hope that those parts have not distracted from the fact that i was quite clearly excited to get handed a banknote what someone had written a message on.

yes, i probably am that pathetic to think that the message was for me, so that i can pretend that some random stranger out there thinks i am of enough value to pass on a message to in this way. one must do what they can, and believe in whatever they like, to get through this life.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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