Wednesday, April 19, 2017

remembering easter


as things of pretty much every nature get treated in quite the disposable way these days i suppose this title is fitting if not apt. reminiscing and recalling something as long ago as the weekend just gone, look you see, seems to be the order of the times.

no matter, let us not lament or dwindle on this. there are, strangely, some positive aspects to this modern approach, as it happens. one can just get distracted by the downside of this instant gratification culture. moving on, then, and some pictures from Easter weekend for you. ten, i believe.

yes, family and friends around the world, this blog will mostly consist of images of my family for you. i'd suspect you are long overdue some images or updates on how everyone all is, and so here you are. even better for most of you, i would probably imagine, is that this post shall feature in some exclusivity only the 75% of my family you like the most. this is to say that i do not appear.

much of Sunday this Easter, or should you so wish Easter Sunday, was marked by a grey sky and some considerable rain falling. this was, however, not quite the case in the morning. the day started with a threat of it being quite sunny and pleasant. quite the bonus, this, as it allowed for an Easter Egg hunt throughout the garden of our home.

should for some reason you be unaware of what an Easter Egg hunt is, let's have a look. no, it does not involve foxes, bloodhounds or horses. well, it can, but not the way we do it. instead, the Easter Bunny hides Easter Eggs in a location, and the people - normally children but those all grown up can join in - then go to seek them out.

here you go, why not try playing yourself? see if you can't find the Easter Egg hidden in the below image.

did you find it? good. i am assuming the answer is yes, as you are now reading this and so have left the image alone. but i suppose it could be the case that you just got bored of looking and gave up, or for some reason you prefer my writing to the images. which would be quite weird.

origins or provenance of the Easter Bunny? not sure. probably lost in time, really, or subject to debates and different ideas from people. most probably, though, something to do with Easter, as a northern hemisphere event, being in Spring, and Spring being when bunny rabbits come along. if, indeed, that's when they appear.

what i can do for you, however, is provide details, information and nothing short of photographic evidence of who our Easter Bunny is, should a digital image taken off of a phone what has a camera welded to it be something that you would classify as a photograph. i suspect it just gets called a "digital image", but no matter, this simply distracts.

indeed, yes. my (considerably) better half, who assures me that i am very happily married, acted as our resident Easter Bunny. this was a particularly kind thing of her to do, and also sensible. had it been left to me at best the boys would simply have been given a bag of chocolate eggs and told to get on with it; at worst i would have hidden them in places that would lead them into danger and adventure to get them.

speaking of which, William elected to have a look for an Easter Egg or two near the palace of Spiny Norman. should one have been hidden there, he would have to be fast, lest Spiny Norman get it first.

who is Spiny Norman? i am certain he has been mentioned here before, if indeed he is a he. Spiny Norman is a hedgehog who lives in our garden. perhaps with the Spiny Norman family (presumably also hedgehogs), but on the rare instances a sighting has been made we have only ever seen one.

why call a hedgehog Spiny Norman? you need to brush up on your Monty Python to find out, with particular emphasis on the celebrated Ethel The Frog investigative piece what they did.

was there an Easter Egg, or similar treat, near the lair or gateway to the palace of Spiny Norman? yes, probably i am not sure. i think i got distracted by how interested and excited William was at having a look at this most prestigious area of our garden.

indeed the above is James, doing that "why are you taking so many images of me Dad" look so well associated with boys of his age over the years. no doubt soon he shall, like the majority of his generation, come to believe that taking "selfies" is the greatest thing ever, and one shall not be able to move for images of him, taken by him for reasons best known to him. that is the way of the kids today.

by this stage you are, i would imagine, itching to have another go at a sort of quasi, or if you like virtual, Easter Egg hunting on this very page of this very blog. should this indeed be correct, then you shall most decidedly love the next picture. here, see if you can find the Easter Egg hidden by my (considerably) better half in the below image.

a clue? sure. the wrapping paper on it is not yellow, and nor is it black.

hopefully you managed to spot the Easter Egg with little fuss or frustration, should indeed those two items be in some way exclusive. with any fortune and favour on your side, my most earnest hope would be that yes that you did, and i am indeed running out of things to say.

oh, look. William is doing some sort of little dance before the gateway to the entrance of the palace of Spiny Norman. this might well be proof, if not evidence, that he did indeed find an Easter Egg in that particular area. nice one if he indeed did.

do bunny rabbits hibernate like what hedgehogs do? i mean, i don't know. my comments about them being associated with Spring only really makes sense if they do emerge at this time of year. that or start breeding i suppose, but i was always led to believe that breeding is a constant for rabbits. they are always at it, they are, to be sure. rabbits are most probably like the David Lee Roth of the animal kingdom.

it's just that if rabbits don't emerge, or get born or hatch or whatever, during Easter and Spring, then perhaps what they should have done is gone for the Easter Hedgehog as iconography, or whatever the fancy word is for an image you project in close association with something.  not that i have a problem with rabbits in general or the Easter Bunny in particular, it's just that the Easter Hedgehog might make more sense.

perhaps there was quite a stack of Easter Eggs and similar treats near to where Spiny Norman lives, as both boys at one stage appeared to congregate there.

have we done much of anything else this Easter weekend beyond this Easter Egg hunt? kind of, but more of that in a bit. for the most part we've just done exactly what the opportunity presented itself with as being the thing to do, which was effectively try and relax and spend some time together.

another image of James doing that "Dad why are you taking another picture of me?" look which he does so rather well and enthusiastically? sure, why not.

the only other thing, that i am aware of and what is fit for publication, that i have images of from the Easter weekend is an ambitious plan launched by William and my (considerably) better half. this involved balloons, newspaper and glue. which, of course, means papier mache, or however one is supposed to say it. probably a lot of them Frenchie things over some of the letters.

to what end were the two of them getting busy doing this? not sure. normally, of course, one makes these papier mache things with balloons as and when one wishes to make a mask. that's not what they are doing, though. i mean, they did tell me, but i kind of stopped listening a few words in and can't remember. i believe it might be some sort of capsule or egg like thing to store a specific toy in.

and so that's that for a look back at the Easter that was this year. hopefully this has all brought back some most splendid memories of your own Easter weekend, if you happen to live within a part of the world that celebrates it. and, of course, i trust family and friends have rather liked a quick catch up with how all the ones off of my family you like are presently doing.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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