Saturday, April 15, 2017

in preparation for star wars day

hello there

it does seem peculiar to be discussing preparations for one event whilst we are in the midst of another. at the time of this being published, look you see, the world has come together as one to celebrate Easter. and here i am discussing that next major event on the calendar, Star Wars day.

the majority of you will, i would suspect, be aware of what and more appropriately when this Star Wars day is, and a significant percentage within that majority of knowing shall have come to be tired, weary and drained of enthusiasm for hearing any further definitions. for all others, however, 4th May is Star Wars day, for when you say it in an American way you can speak it as thus - "May the 4th be with you". this of course sounds a bit like "may the force be with you", a popular line spoken in the films by Vulcans, Cylons and other such space people.

whilst it is acutely rare for any incumbent owner of the Star Wars brand to exploit this in terms of merchandising or other forms of monetary gain from time to time an exception is made. every now and then the custodians of Star Wars meet demand from fans and agree to sell them things that they might like to buy associated with the films. Star Wars day is such a moment.

as you may well expect, strict control is kept over what items are, and indeed are not, permitted to be branded with things related to Star Wars. there is absolutely no way that the rights holders would just slam the name on absolutely anything at all in the hope of making some money. it is in keeping with this, then, that one item in particular which features the branding is waffles. no, not potato waffles, the other type.

for many, many wonderful people in this world it is the case that their sort of unofficial, unspoken and up until now unwritten philosophy in life is "think Star Wars, think waffles". rarely has a link between two things been so obvious or as indelible as that which ties waffles to Star Wars.

we shall return to the waffles of Star Wars day shortly, but for now let's have a look at one of the people in this world who takes Star Wars day celebrations very seriously. i, of course, give you Richard. and yes, Richard enthusiasts, that Richard. 

certain images speak for themselves. for fellow followers of all things related to Star Wars the above is such an instance. for those who are not so, however, some form of explanation is required.

this is quite straightforward. Richard is cultivating a moustache and hairstyle almost quite like exactly like the same sported by the single most important character in all of the Star Wars films, Lando Cardassian, or whatever. most of the Star Wars films which have not featured Lando, or his most smart assistant Lobot, have been considered critical and commercial failures, in particular the last two.

styling a look of Lando for Star Wars day is of course not the only action Richard is taking in honour of this most prestigious event. no, far from it. there are a number of plans which are rolling, some of which you can see. in particular if you are looking at this on a device or within a browser that allows for video playback.

absolutely yes, the above is as you can see (if you can play video, etc) nothing less than a Disco Shed. this has been constructed by the offspring or if you like children of Richard to celebrate one of the key, if not defining, events in the Star Wars universe.

i am not sure which. perhaps it was that one where the elfs and wolves battled the trees for the ring, or maybe that one bit where the Australian with really good hair twatted something with that massive hammer. but, anyway, you are probably all big massive fans of the films, and so no doubt know which part it is off.

as indeed is the case with this, for you regular readers of this blog. no i haven't forgotten that i am supposed to be talking about Star Wars day, i have just been distracted some.

we are now in April, or at the least we were at the time when i wrote this. time, then, to show you an update on my Star Wars "concept art" calendar for this month. 

despite a claim that it shall cover a fair whack of the Star Wars films, this calendar has thus far resoundingly stuck to certain elements of the first film to be released; a film which as point of fact the fourth in terms of the entire story it purports to tell. unless i am mistaken, the top image is of when the fake orphan and the elderly religious fanatic first broker a deal with the international criminal in order to secure his services as a people smuggler. the one at the bottom probably shows the aforementioned fake orphan getting ready for some fabulous space battle, or similar.

back to focus on Star Wars day celebrations, then, and indeed back to Richard getting ready. he has installed an absolutely massive television on which he may watch all the events from around the world, or failing that watch all of the films again, should he remember to do so.

quite a spectacle, that is. in all honesty that TV screen is probably quite close to the size of the cinema screen we first saw our first Star Wars film on. i cannot recall where it was, for i was young. probably Redcar, or some similar fashionable place. i know we saw Empire Strikes Back in Leicester Square (the London one), and Return Of The Jedi at the Odeon in Middlesbrough. the rest we kind of saw on our own at different times.

no, that is not one of the Star Wars films playing to test the screen. it would be inappropriate to screen Star Wars prior to Star Wars day, unless it was a boss one what had Lando in it. instead, then, Richard is holding a test screening of a film he considers to be even better than what Star Wars is, despite the apparent lack of Lando or a Lando like character in it.

those that can in fact play video on this blog and have played the above need me to say no more. indeed, it is also true that many know Richard, and thus know what film it is playing above. for those that don't, well for you i am happy to confirm that it is the celebrated motion picture Convoy, starring Kris Kristofferson (or how you spell it) and him what was the assistant to Stringfellow Hawke out of Airwolf in Airwolf.

to the end, then, is to be back to the beginning for the end. now let us look at the Star Wars waffles prepared seemingly exclusively for Star Wars Day.

yes, quite, indeed. the "best before" date for these waffles happens to be 4 May, presumably of this year (2017). and that is what, to my mind, makes it be that these waffles must have been produced with Star Wars day in mind.

right, that's that then. have a most excellent and many a splendid day or night with whatever you do after reading this.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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