Thursday, April 27, 2017

sunshine, and a rainy day

hello there

yes. and no. but yes, look you see. no this blog post isn't a tribute to the celebrated song Sunshine On A Rainy Day by Zoe. to my mind it was celebrated to the extent that it should be, to be sure, upon release back in the early 1990s. nearly thirty years old that song is, then, and yet it still lives on.

instead, then, this is just an update for friends and family around the world who endure my ramblings here to see how the people in my family they like (which is to say all of them except me) are getting along in life. as a couple of pictures have happened now seemed a suitable time to do such an update.

these updates are indeed from a sunny day and, as rare as such a thing is here in England, a rainy day.  start with the rainy day, then? it is decidedly so.

indeed there before you are the boys, flanking Uncle Colin at the House of Harlos. no you can't quite make it out, but i promise you that it was bucketing it down as we attended his barbecue or if you like BBQ or indeed if you prefer braai.

Colin had invited us all over in celebration of his birthday, having made plans to cook outdoors in a traditional way to celebrate. tried as it might the rain did not dampen the celebrations or the food (well, not too much in respect of the latter) and much merriment was there to be had.

a little while before the above, as opposed to some unspecified date in the future, we had a sunny day. not quite a warm one as such, but sunny all the same. sunny enough, indeed, for us to take a stroll as a family and enjoy the day.

and, as the above shows off somewhat, what better place to enjoy the day than down at the play park?

my (considerably) better half really, really likes this "snake balancing" rope thingie, she does, to be sure. this is no bad thing, and as you can see the boys like gently swaying upon it with her. perhaps it is all to do with some sort of longing for a life on the seas, i just don't know.

anyway, that's how they all are, as it were! a big hello to all of you off of all of us, and more to follow sooner or later, no doubt!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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