Friday, April 21, 2017

a broken frame


contrary to the view that some, if not several, have held or possibly remain as holding of me, i am someone with low expectations and relatively simple means of keeping happy. no, stop laughing those who think otherwise.

to this end i, look you see, quite like shiny things. distractions too, as we have indeed seen within the text of recent posts. with this in mind, then, i do quite like playing a handful, as in three or perhaps four, of the games that they have on offer over on that 'facebook' thing.

it is with some discord if not distress that one of them has been unavailable for quite some time now.

for some reason that Candy Crush Saga has been unavailable for a while. the error message bears all the hallmarks of someone getting carried away and overthinking things, as in i suspect they have elected to "upgrade" the game and done so in a way that means it no longer works. this is the way of things on the internet. should it not be broken then seek not to fix it is a sentence seldom used in respect of those who control things online.

how much of a blow is this to me? quite a significant one. often has been the case that playing this game has saved me from doing things which could be productive or constructive. that might sound negative, but it isn't. should i be playing a game which is little more than a variant on Tetris, or perhaps Columns off of Sega, then i am not causing harm to fall on others or the world in general.

let me seek similar security services from the other games on offer, then.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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