Saturday, April 01, 2017

on the road with Spiros

hello there

it would, look you see, be my intention to post or if you like publish this one on 1st April. this is in keeping with my fascination of making sure i post something on the first day of each month. i am aware that this particular first is associated with pranks and jokes; indeed i have engaged in such merriment from time to time. to that end, i would say that it's just a happy accident.

my dear friend Spiros has, once again, been called upon to perform his specialist services around the world. the most splendid part of this is that it would normally mean i get some smart fags off of him off of places where they are cheaper. this is most appreciated indeed. also appreciated, however, are the many images he sends along to me. not all of them, and this may be quite the surprise to his many admirers, feature either spew, tramps, taxi drivers that he has had fisticuffs with or a combination thereof.

let me prove, or if you are adamant in your convictions disprove, this with the most recent of images he has sent on to me. i assume he is ok with me sharing them, he did not say not to so i will take that as tacit agreement to do so.

indeed yes, the above are some Communist era Russia, or if you like Soviet Union, badges. and indeed no, not a great deal of the life and profession of Spiros screams "Communism" as such, but aside from that he really does enjoy bonding with fellow men of a similar mind.

provenance of these badges? somewhere towards the eastern parts of Eastern Europe, at a guess. i mean, i don't know, in truth. he does mention in passing where in the world he is, but it's difficult to keep track. to be honest i am rather more interested in reading of his exploits in performing as the greatest legal mind of his generation than i am in worrying about exactly where he is doing it all.

that said, i am almost certain that this next one is in London, or some other such place where they have one of them smart Hard Rock Cafe places for patrons to meet and admire rock memorabilia. 

yes, just behind what appears to be a family photo of Michael Jackson you are seeing that most rarest of things - a bit of Kiss merchandising. much of the celebration of the band Kiss rounds if not focuses on the "gently gently" approach they took to marketing themselves. some have accused the band of sticking their name on absolutely everything they can think of so as to extract every single coin of money they can off of their fans, but that's just nitpicking.

this bit of merchandising would appear to be a statue one can make of Peter Criss, or possibly Eric Carr, or any one of the 28 or so drummers what Kiss has had. i am almost certain that it is Peter Criss, but maybe it's Eric. who knows? if you are a Kiss fan i am sure you do.

now then, right. before we get to the next image i would like to stress that Spiros, as the greatest legal mind of his generation, uses the power of conversation, knowledge, discourse and evidence in achieving results for those who pay a handsome fee for his services. you should not interpret the below as in any way reflecting on his consummate professional approach, most of the time.


oh yes, that is a real one, only one of them what has been "decommissioned"  or whatever it is you call it when they fiddle with it so that it doesn't do what it was designed to do any more. remove the firing pin, probably. here's hoping no one works out how to put it back in.

Spiros is indeed giving consideration to getting one of these. the main barrier preventing it is that he's not sure it's a viable tax write off, and for some reason there's a lot of fuss about what you can and cannot move across borders these days. he had such a headache shipping his hefty arsenal before that i am not sure he wants to arrange for it all again.

are there any instances in which Spiros would consider firearms to be the most suitable, if not straightforward, way to resolve a legal matter? possibly, and unrelated to that here is an image of someone driving around with his name on the back of their vehicle.

the above was spotted, and kindly sent on, by my brother. nice one Rich, cheers. yes, that sticker does indeed say Spiros, but no it is not the one, true Spiros driving around like that. Spiros doesn't go around advertising himself and his services. if you want to employ his services you must contact him like what people did when they wanted to hire The A Team off of The A Team. or, if you like, drop me a message and i would forward on your request for an invitation.

back to travels that Spiros actually took then, and a gander a quite an interesting, if not exotic but very possibly broad minded stall he stumbled upon at a market.

i have every assurance from Spiros that yes, the proprietor of the above market stall was indeed selling items from both Third Reich Germany and Communist Russia, or if you like the USSR. commerce is the goal, it would seem, and the gent in charge appears to have no concern or qualm about selling any items that any person would want. presumably, anyway, history buffs who like trinkets would have an interest in either or both sides of this story.

it might well be the case that i could be the recipient of one of the items you see on the stall. no, nit the Nazi alarm clock, thank you very much. after sending me this picture Spiros was going off to have a look at the watches. he reckons that if he saw one which might have been worn by a KGB officer, or some similar member of the Communist party, he would hesitate to get it for me. nice one, man. and nice one even if you don't; for it is the thought that counts.

let's wrap this up, then, with a return to a gander at more items on display within the Hard Rock Cafe in London, or whichever one it is what Spiros went to.

yes, that is yet another framed image of Michael Jackson, and indeed that is a sign indicating the direction in which rock stars, or most probably the chauffeurs of rock stars, may park the Rolls Royce cars of the rock stars going about their day to day business.

it is highly likely, however, that the point of focus of this picture intended by Spiros is the statue, or if you are of such a mind effigy, of The King, Elvis Presley which stands proudly on the top of that cabinet.

and there we go, not a particularly great deal i can add to this beyond the most sincere and the most many thanks to Spiros for these pictures off of his adventures. and, but of course, to Richard too for sending on the image of the tribute to Spiros.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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