Tuesday, January 20, 2015

towards Wales, or if you like South Horizon

hello there

nothing really; just letting you know that i am not quite dead off of the manflu yet. i have revised my diagnosis of the manflu i have, look you see. as well as ebola, scurvy and foot and mouth disease, i am almost certain that it has that sarin gas in it too. as we are on the threshold of the 20th anniversary of an attempt to wipe out Japan (of all places) with sarin gas, this is quite possibly apt, in the sense that it isn't.

anyway, you want proof that i am soldiering on, not caring for the lack of sympathy for my plight about having to contend with so many variations of manflu. well, here you go.

yes, indeed that is me conducting some further postal business, but not directly with any personal hygiene type of companies as was the case yesterday. my mail today, which was not actually my mail but i was the custodian, was for an entirely different concern. based, as you may well have ascertained from the title, in no less spectacular a setting than Wales.

right, i am going to crawl into bed and listen to that class talk radio station which is basically a conduit for somewhat opinionated cockney taxi drivers to put forth their somewhat less-than-global opinions of what they consider to be of importance. i am assuming taking away Page 3 from them will feature highly in regards of what they believe to be wrong with the world.

for those of you who do, as point of fact, have sympathy for my plight, thank you for your concern and sympathy. i can't feel it and i doubt, somehow, that it shall do much in the face of whatever it is sarin gas does to someone already affected with manflu, but all the same it is most appreciated.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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