Thursday, January 08, 2015

the Spiros card

hello there

well, i had no intention at all, as in none whatsoever, to do a blog post this evening. if i had some sort of intention to do a blog post, then it probably would have been about the most recent album from Barbs, that i heard today, and what utter, utter sh!tbags Apple are, look you see, over yet another incident where their brilliant software wiped the memory of the one and only decent product they ever made.

instead, although i am somewhat tired and have the latest edition of the Viz here to read, i feel somewhat compelled, perhaps obligated, to share with you some postal merriment from the day today. Spiros, you see, arranged for a Christmas card, ostensibly for him and now for me, to be delivered today.

some of you, and not unreasonably so, might consider this to be a quite controversial and somewhat unusual thing, for we are indeed now well into the date that to many is known as January 8th, to to some known simply as "long after Christmas day". a Christmas card arriving by this measurement under usual circumstances, yes i agree, would be baffling. but this is not usual; this is Spiros.

firstly, one has to bear in mind that this is Spiros. the man operates on an entirely different calendar from the rest of us, as several employers over the years have become aware. consequentially, what day that Spiros decides is Christmas can and often does differ from the rest of us.

how is his calendar different? it just is. sure, on a simplified level, he adds or removes days associated with leap years as he sees fit, believing that the matter of an extra day being added to a year is something that he is perfectly qualified to determine for himself. also, he adds and removes days during the year as he sees fit for his own purposes. in more animated moments, he has been known - with some vigour and passion - to inform people that he simply will not tolerate a life in which he is informed of what day, month and year it is purely because "some Gregorian twat thought that it would be cool".

there's also, of course, the sensitive side of Spiros. no way would he want to issue a card to anyone that he had not carefully considered and meditated on the meaning and significance of. you or i, dear reader, are perhaps comfortable in just grabbing any old box of cards and sending them off, but that is not the artistic, and yes indeed possibly altruistic, way that Spiros does things.

you want to see inside the card? why, of course you do. here is a quick look at it, and a slightly larger version of the text shall, you may be pleased or displeased to learn, appear lower down in this very post.

a rather touching, fitting and indeed poignant message, i believe, and one that we can all agree as being of relevance now as it would have been at Christmas, or any point of any year. whether Spiros had altered the year or not.

a brief break to allow you to soak in the sentiment of the message of that card, or what bits you can read, is probably a good idea, so here for the moment is a picture of me enjoying - thoroughly so - a cup of coffee earlier today whilst at verk.

yes, indeed that is my class One Direction, or if you like and you are trendy and hip like me 1D, coffee mug. i believe it reflects my love for the band, as well as my love of things that only cost a pound. things that only cost £1 are awesome, man. except for when it is a pack of 7 "3 in one" tube things of Nestle coffee, like what i am drinking from this mug, as that coffee is truly horrid tasting. it's more of a dubious brown liquid than anything.

no, this picture is not a selfie, and no i have not bought one of these "selfie stick" things which cost £10 or something. a very good friend and colleague took this picture for me to forward on to the young cadet at verk who made the coffee for me so as to say thank you for the coffee he made. that the coffee is rubbish is not his fault at all; if anything he made it better than it was with the care and attention he lavished on making it for us and that. nice one man, if you for some reason are reading this, many thanks indeed again.

towards, then, the enlarged version of the inner workings of the card.

some of you might look at this and have some thoughts. you might, for instance, think that all Spiros did was get a card through his letterbox off of some Liberal Democrat candidate, look at it, say "f*** this and f*** him" and then simply scribble on it a bit and send it my way. on a purely superficial, yet accurate level, this is an understandable interpretation.

on a deeper, and slightly incorrect level, i would say it is few in this world that have the bold courage of Spiros to have the vision and the ability to do something like this.

i think it is wonderful that Spiros has used this pre or post Christmas period to celebrate the team of volunteers that he has, and make a fair and right reference to all that he has done thus far in regards of stopping whatever the hell it is they are doing at Heathrow. also that he enjoys standing is a stark, perhaps harsh but ultimately necessary lesson to us all about the dangers of sitting.

the thing about believing no one should be held back did, i admit, take me by surprise, as over the years there has been one or two people that he has spoke of along the lines of "yes, actually, for the greater good and because they are twats they f*****g must be held back and defined by their circumstances". it pleases me somewhat to see this new approach from him.

thank you, dear reader, for sharing with me this beautiful and somewhat poignant moment. most of all, though, thank you Spiros for the indulgence of your kindness.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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