Thursday, January 15, 2015

the Spiros circle

hi there

i really wasn't going to post anything this evening, right, but there was an incident of some note and potential interest today that might, look you see, be of potential note and interest to some of you.

but first, for you crazy maniacs that cannot get enough of Spiros in your life, another picture from the Spiros for you to admire.

here is what Spiros sent me today. this was presumably whilst out and about, visiting various Turkish business proprietors and meeting men in the rather more secluded areas of the capital city.

oh yes, it's a traffic circle. Spiros finds this exciting for two reasons. actually, three, but i am not going to mention the one thing that he does here, thank you very much indeed.

firstly, Spiros - note, East End ganglords, not me - reckons this is where them Krays dumped all the bodies of them what got killed for breaking their unwritten laws. as far as i am concerned, personally, the Krays did not kill anyone (except their own sort) and should be remembered with unblemished reputations. that is the view of Daltrey out of The Who, and so it is by default my view.

the second reason lacks any of the historical value of the above. that tramp that Spiros says is his best friend, the one that apparently lives in a disused Blockbusters store, apparently uses this particular road feature as a port of call when he has a call of nature. yes, he urinates there. and other things. things that we shall not think of.

does Spiros, you ask, bond with his so-called best friend in doing the same here? probably.

right, entertaining story. which means this is going to be more text heavy than usual. some of you get quite cross when it is all text no pictures, so hang on, let me see what pics i have that i can upload.....

this will do, and only it is of some distinct relevance.

earlier today, as opposed to later, i was on my travels as usual. why, since you ask, i was indeed reading my most splendid book rather than listening to some vibes on the pod of i. which meant, rather unfortunately - or perhaps fortunately, as i can tell the story here - that i overheard a most unusual and peculiar exchange on the bus.

a client, or if you like patron, boarded the bus at a stop. this was done at a stop as opposed to, say, the passenger simply flinging himself on the bus in motion in some sort of quasi-Indiana Jones style.

the passenger had some distinguishing features. although i am not one to comment on the weight of others - far from it - he struck me as being roughly 30 stone (190kgs, or 420lbs, the latter for you, dear American readers) in weight. this look was somewhat enhanced, or if you like accentuated, by his wearing of them classy NHS style cheap and not all together cheerful style of glasses. you know, the ones that make the polite members of society say things like "looks a bit shifty, him", and the not so polite members of society immediately think of the phrase "registered sex offender" when forming an immediate, first look opinion.

whereas the majority of passengers simply get on the bus, pay or show a pass, and sit down, this passenger decided to engage in a conversation with the driver. it was a conversation that impeded, or if you like delayed, our journey. i guess i am entitled to recall this conversation here for you, since i paid for the honour of hearing it with my time.

i am not going to write in capital letters, so please just assume that all words spoken by the passenger were in fact shouted. also, they were accompanied by that sort of laugh you would associate with the type of person referenced by those not so polite.

Passenger - have you ever Lived in the Falklands?

Bus Driver - no.

Passenger - are you sure?

Bus Driver - yes i am sure.

Passenger - oh. i lived in the Falklands, and there was someone there then when i was there that looked like you.

Bus Driver - (silence)

Passenger - don't worry about it, the exact same thing happened to me all the time when i lived in the Falklands. when i was living in the Falklands, someone tapped me on the shoulder, and said hello Bob. the funny thing is, my name is not Bob. when they saw that i was not Bob they said sorry and walked on.

Bus Driver - silence

Passenger - (sulks off, sits on chair, takes phone out, presumably to message Falklands)

other than being annoyed at the delay, and no i am not putting any more pictures here, i was quite taken by the bold and brash approach displayed here of making a new friend. believe it or not, dear reader, your humble narrator here can get quite clumsy and shy when meeting new people. it had never occurred to me to ask if someone was sure that they had / had not lived on a small island many miles away as a proverbial ice breaker.

i, alas, have never been to the Falklands, but as regular readers and my dear family shall be aware, i have been to Malta. for my purposes, i have now decided to see Malta as being "the Falklands of the Mediterranean", or whatever sea it is in. i am randomly going to ask people if they were in or on Malta, and yes i will state that it is the Falklands of the Mediterranean, about 30 years ago. i will ask if they were sure that they were not, and enquire if they remember me anyway, or would like to be my friend regardless.

feel free to borrow, take, adapt and use thus social tool too, dear reader. if you have ever been to the Falklands, or indeed are currently there, well then so much the better. although i can sense a problem if you are in the Falklands and start asking people you meet there if they have ever lived in the Falklands. but don't let it stop you - be brave, be bold, be brash.

most importantly;

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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