Monday, January 26, 2015

medication, and let the wookie win

hello there

it is time, dear reader, for you to go and download some music. legally, look you see, and indeed legal in the sense that you can pay a nominal fee for the privilege and pleasure of owning some truly great music.

my multi-talented, gifted friend JG has gone right ahead and compiled a stunning retrospective of some of the finest moments of his fine career as a singer-songwriter. this would be available for you to buy by clicking these words in a different colour. also you can preview the songs.

there is, as my more regular reader will be aware and my new regular readers (hello, and thanks for visiting) will come to be aware, very little point indeed requesting that i select any personal highlights from this set. i really love them all.

but go on then. Candahar St is a song i have long championed and highlighted as a high point of a catalogue of quality. special, or if you like extra special, mentions too for Satellites Fall and Jo Whiley Won't Play this. i am still not sure what or who exactly a Jo Whiley is, but it must be a pretty dull, limited and dreary thing not to enjoy this music.

another link for how to hear these songs and hopefully give some consideration towards buying them? sure - here is the link that you want - click on it and enjoy. unless you are one of them Jo Whiley things, who apparently live a life unaware of what decent music is and must just be really good at all them non-music things like, well, i don't know, Jedward or something like that i guess.

it is my most earnest and sincere wish that i get to meet up with JG this year. i believe i will be going on a road trip with him - you know, Mr W H Smith King - at some point, to wherever it is that JG lives now. i think the place begins with a B, but we will worry about that when we are on our way.

before you rush off to play the music - and if you bought it that would be jolly decent of you too - i did in the title promise you some sort of Wookie action. here you go.

yeah, i got quite a surprise when that turned up on my phone too. i know that the video and audio are not always that great here, but i trust that this clip plays clear enough, and that the many Richard enthusiasts who visit here in the hope of something from him enjoy that.

right, that will do. i am off to battle the manflu a bit more. i think i have got rid of the scurvy element, but there's some ebola lurking in it still, and you just never know with sarin.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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