Friday, January 02, 2015

Easter, shirt and coffee

hi there

well, still here within the confines of 2015 i am, look you see. in furtherance of this, i made a most humble return to the realm of verk too today. it went rather well, really, all things considered. as i am all too aware from elements of nearly a year, a life without going off to sing hi hooooo gets very boring sometimes.

before heading to verk, i engaged in certain regular rituals of mine in the hour or so i have between the bus arriving in town and the hour of verk dawning. certain ones of these, and their relative merits, have been discussed with the relevant parties. one of them, however, was i believe well worth sharing a picture of with you all, dear readers.

yes, you are seeing what you think you are seeing. no, not the cute cat thing and all the other Christmas stuff being offered at partially reduced prices, next to it. yes, that's right - January 2nd and Easter stuff is now freely available for sale.

i know several readers of this blog, in particular ones who live somewhere what begins with a B, are avid readers of the Daily Mail and enjoy writing to that publication to point out matters like this, proclaiming if not decrying them as being symbolic of all that is wrong with the world. so, go ahead.

my view on this is that if the Easter stuff is on sale now, at what point was the Valentine's Day stuff available and what should i do now that i seem to have missed it.

what did i wear to go to verk in today? conventional clothes, really. why, what is it you wear to go about and do stuff in?

today, however, i wore a shirt that is part of my new wardrobe. hence this picture, the first selfie which i have done of the year this year. £12 was the price it was marked down to in a sale. nice one, and thanks again to my (considerably) better half for underwriting my new wardrobe.

yes, indeed you can see the hack job i did on my beard in this picture too.

also on display - not the mirror, next to it - are some of the many fine Christmas cards we received over the, well, Christmas period. of some prominence near my head is, unless i am quite mistaken, the one that we got off of Sharpie. Sharpie is class, he is. i have frequently met him, as you are aware, in W H Smith, where he is always purchasing loads and loads of class things; things that are infinitely better than what everyone else is buying and show off his outstanding taste. i am hopeful, if not optimistic, of doing a road trip with Sharpie, which will be like meeting him in W H Smith, only we will be moving and not buying stuff.

moving onwards, then, and Nash Bridges is a show that usually i don't care for. however, a night or so ago i simply could not be bothered to change the channel and so ended up watching it. how very fortunate that i did. here, have a look.

yes, that's right. by accident i saw the long overdue reunification of Crockett and Tubbs. it was awesome, man - they even played a little bit of Jan Hammer like music when Philip Michael Thomas appeared. which reminds me, i have not yet bought the class Philip Michael Thomas album; let me google.

the episode got even better, right, as Tommy Chong, out of all them Tommy Chong movies, also appeared in the show. as did Meat Loaf out of Meat Loaf.

it seems that the Philip Michael Thomas album never made it to CD. that's a shame, although one can get the vinyl for a pretty reasonable price. the one video he did was mental, had a big massive Philip Michael Thomas head floating around it in.

coffee made with whipped cream and a bit of cinnamon thrown in to compensate for no digital release of Philip Michael Thomas music? sure, why not.

is it worth starting a campaign, i wonder, to get a CD release of the Philip Michael Thomas music? i would like to think that i am not alone in thinking it is awesome music, in particular the video, man. i will have a look around for the correct postal address, but in the mean time please feel free to copy and paste the below text and send a letter of protest yourself, if you are all that bothered about it.

Dear EMI (or whoever)

Please stop being total b@stards about the music of Philip Michael Thomas and make his class music available on CD. If you could do it in such a way that it comes with a DVD of his class video where his big massive head appears to float around and sing, that would be even better. 

If you have in fact released this and I didn't notice, my apologies about the "b@stards" thing and please tell me where you can buy it off of.

anyway, i am pretty sure that's me done with this post.

i do trust and hope all is most very well with you.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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