Saturday, January 03, 2015

2014, as reviewed and interpreted by Spiros

hi there

i didn't really have any plans or intentions to post anything today, look you see, but then Spiros bombarded, or if you like beautified, my mail box thing with some news stories. i am assuming that he sent me these as being his two greatest stories of the year that has just finished, or if you like 2014. i have further presumed that his intention was for me to do a bit of a post of them here.

2014 was, in many respects, the year of hardly. there was hardly any aeroplane disasters, hardly any Ebola scares, hardly any flooding, hardly any Russian currency collapses and hardly any sabre waving off of North Korea. Spiros has, it seems, turned his back on, or perhaps spurned, any such stories in his selection of events which in many respects do not tell the story of the year.

it is difficult to know which of the two that Spiros believes was the most important story of the year, so here you go, here they are either in order or in reverse order.

i was, i must confess or if you like admit, unaware of this story above. it seems that only the Sunday Sport elected to run this rather hard hitting and indeed disturbing incident, with - as far as i am aware - the mainstream liberal media outlets all but ignoring that this happened.

in respect of the above story, i could fully understand the fury of the owner of the monkey in this case, but i am at something of a loss to understand what evidence he had to make this allegation that all of this happened. i mean, i do not want to doubt him, but how did he know that it was the supposedly dead Michael Jackson that did it?

a number of you, on the note of this, were somewhat distressed by the image of Spiros i posted towards the arse end of December. his appearance caused some debate and argument, for Spiros did not look as Greek or as Turkish as you all imagined him to. i would say that you are in the right and he is very much in the wrong for looking in a way that you did not expect. you are free, dear reader, to pretend that the image i posted saying it was Spiros is not in fact the real Spiros.

if that first story causes you to be baffled and somewhat puzzled, then wait until you get a load of the next one. it's far from pleasant, believe you me, and poses a very unusual question. 

if we leave much of the above to one side for the moment - perhaps forever - the pricing strategy in place here is what gets me. how is it that a packet of Quavers - if indeed it was a full packet - was determined as the price for his, erm, services? i mean, did he pitch that as being his pricing, or is that what someone offered him for it and he accepted?

all i know for certain is that Spiros is planning on bringing this kind of economic pricing strategy into the world of corporate finance. from what exposure i have had to the world of this, i suspect it will be a tremendous success.

so, there's 2014 according to Spiros. no doubt a review of 2015 will be available to you all, here via Spiros, around this time next year.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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