Thursday, January 01, 2015

but never leave the stream

hello there

so you made it, good, welcome to 2015. i trust that it stared off all really rather well for you and continues to be a most celebratory year. if, however, it started off poorly - should, for instance, you be one of them people who fell into a gutter and did a spew that the tabloid newspapers are full of pictures - then i express the hope that, for you, the year simply gets a good deal better, look you see.

i took something akin to a stroll around earlier today, insofar as i did in fact, or if you like as point of fact, take a stroll around earlier today. well, if i decide to take a stroll around later - unlikely, looking at the skies - then i would hardly be able to do a post with pictures about it now. if, however, your life is better as a consequence of thinking that i am capable of time travel, then by all means read this as an account of a stroll that i have yet to undertake.

the skies, or if you like sky, i mentioned earlier should be something you can see in the pictures i took on my travels, or the travel that i am going to do later and am somehow writing about now. the arrival of the new year has been one marked by some pretty strong wind and, in particular in the later elements of the day, spates of rain.

no, if that is a question you might have right now, no i did not listen to New Year's Day by U2 today. i perhaps should have, but the pod of i is presently being all charged up and that in anticipation of bus journeys soon. should, and i trust this is the case, the bus company be running as scheduled.

yes, though, it still remains the case that i believe being called a slightly chubby Bono once, many years ago, is one of the best things i have ever been called. looking like Bono is something that is better than how i believe i look in general terms, and being referred to as only slightly chubby is a far, far kinder review of me than i would be prepared to give to myself. so yeah, maybe i shall listen to some U2 as and when the pod of i is all charged up, but i suspect not that song which is of, arguably, some relevance to the day today.

i suppose for many of these pictures i should come up with some fancy text; pointing out how nature and things like streams and rivers - if for some reason you believe them to be separate from nature - care not for man made, heathen even, concepts such as dates, time and calendars. they just carry on, doing their thing until, as i suppose is fitting for nature, they come to their natural end.

instead, though, i think i will just leave the pictures to say whatever you want them to say, for those of you who have an interest in seeing them.

if you observed a semi, or perhaps partial, white footbridge in the above picture and are wondering about the provenance, or if you like origin, of the next one, i can indeed confirm that yes, it is very much the case that this next one was taken from the threshold of that very bridge.

it's a view that i thought one or two of you might quite like to see.

yeah, as you can see, i am still busy with that pouch, or if you like case, for my phone that sort of puts a purple border around at least one side of the pictures i take. it's quite a smart effect, i think some of you might well think, so i am leaving it in place for you.

a picture further on up the stream? sure, why not.

yes, i know for those of you in the know the correct term to use here is the beck, but for those not quite so familiar the word stream shall do. river is perhaps more accurate, but considering those big massive rivers they have in America, i would fear that some if not all of my American readers would get a bit baffled at me using the term here.

as i managed to get around to cleaning out a GB or so of data off of my phone, i had the capacity available to me to do some video for you. here, if you are of a mind to watch it, is a 10 second video (or thereabouts) of what we shall for now indeed call the beck doing its thing.

how is the new year for me so far? not so bad, thanks, pretty much as expected. if we leave the time travel scenario alone for now, i had a most splendid walk around earlier on, delivering a lump of coal as instructed by custom just prior to the walk that allowed me to take these images and video footage you see. whereas the winds were up and strong, there was at the least no rain as i wandered.

other than that, if you are interested - and if you are not you can skip this paragraph - i constructed some discs, did some laundry, washed some dishes, conducted a rudimentary and perfectly serviceable hacking job on my beard with some clippers and am now doing this. i have the slightest of headaches momentarily, in truth, perhaps as a consequence of considering the joys of the bus service and a return to verk after a reasonable break.

further pictures of the river/stream/beck in action? why not indeed, dear reader, why not.

have i made any of them resolutions or plans that are something of a custom for the day today? not really. if one is to do something, they should pretty much do it, i think. waiting for a certain date on the calendar to make such plans is not a factor that has ever really appealed to me, although i do greatly appreciate that many quite like the idea of such a milestone, or if you like signpost, to aim for. i would certainly not discourage them from doing that.

so no, no change in all that quitting / cutting down considerably thing in respect of smoking for me. someone has to prop up the tobacco industry, and as i am bereft, or indeed free, of all other vices, it might as well be me, look you see.

a final picture for now, then, of the beck rolling downwards with some formidable strength.

the strength of the above would, i quite agree, be better served by the presentation of it in a video, so here you go, a video that sort of more or less matches the angle of the picture above, except it is all moving and, as far as i am aware, has sound too.

and, well, there you have it. all things considered, i believe this to be a pretty decent - jolly, perhaps - first post of this year. i have no idea what the first post of previous years here were like. i can't recall them off the top of my head, and i am certainly not messing around to have a look. i think it is, more or less, 11 years now that this blog has existed, so you will forgive me for not recalling all the stuff that is on it.

yes, i have taken one of them tablet things for my head, see if that soothes it a bit. no, i am not doing a selfie, or arranging for someone to take a picture of me, to show the hack job i did on my beard. it's trimmed down, which is nice.

many thanks for reading indeed - i hope you've enjoyed the pictures and video, and i trust, as we started off this post, that all is very much splendid with you in your world right now.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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