Wednesday, January 14, 2015

snow, hair and camera

hello there

well, what with verk and the travails of my trails, midweek posts are a complex thing to do, dear reader. actually, no they are not - usually i am just bereft of time and energy, look you see. let me have a go anyway, for what is the worst that can happen. well, no one reads it i guess, or all just look at the pictures and move on to the other, quieter moments of the internet.

yes, as you may well have worked out from the title, we have been touched by the fall of snow once more. this is something that shall, i quite suspect, happen with certain frequency over the weeks ahead, if in fact not the next couple of months. the novelty factor of this, as you may find fair and understand, has not worn off for the 75% of my family that you all actually like, and thus i feel obliged to take and then post pictures of this as and when it happens.

here, then, is my bus stop of choice made all the more picturesque by the snow.

oh yes, in an image it looks all picturesque, quaint, delightful and quite possibly dreamy. the reality of walking along through it, however, is not quite such tranquil joy, dear reader. i know many of you reading this are quite aware of life with the snow and are going "yeah, we know". i ask you to indulge these points for the benefit of the many wonderful people i know around the world who have not lived a life in snow.

despite my most splendid new boots, armed as they are with a sturdy and sure grip, the walk to where you see above was tricky. ice is a slippy thing, as it turns out. no, i did not fall, but it is only because of my ballet like reflexes that i was able to steady myself and recover - with grace and style, and indeed flair - at times when it felt like the earth were being struck from below me.

it was with good fortune, then, and my natural skill, that i made it to the bus stop. fortune smiled further, dear reader, for the poor weather was not reason enough to cancel the bus services, and so i was able to make it to verk.

it was during lunch that i noted a film crew were, and this may come as something of a surprise to some of you, filming. i got this really weird voyeuristic sense that made me feel obliged to take a picture. so here it is for you, make of it what you shall.

i would like to think - really i would - that practically none of you have any interest whatsoever in where Spiros goes to get his hair cut. it doesn't really matter, he always just gets it done like how Gary Barlow had when Gary Barlow was having that really "wanky" phase in his career.

Spiros, however, believes that there is great interest in this. he persists - thankfully, for it gives me content for here - in using me as some sort of conduit whereby he may inform "the people" of certain activities he is involved in that he believes to be noteworthy if not directly newsworthy.

here, then, is where he went and had his hair accentuated to dignify his natural looks at some point earlier this week; Tuesday probably as that is his "lucky" day.

that is indeed a Turkish barber, called Jazz i believe. Spiros has somehow gotten it into his head that the average Turkish gent is in some way attuned to the dynamics of the vibrant, reversed homoerectus like ways of his world, and so seeks to do deals exclusively with Turkish enterprises as and where possible.  i have neither issue nor quarrel with this.

go on then, a rather poor picture of a field which has snow on, or in, it to finish off.

yeah, you can't really see all that much of the field behind the hedge, can you? that's snow on them there branches off of that tree, it is.

as for this evening, well, no further snow yet. we do, however, have some rather brutal in force winds on the go. these winds swirl, and carry with them smatterings of rain that feel quite like they have been touched by the treachery and deceit of longing to transform into ice. travels tomorrow could yet prove to be something of a challenge as was faced today. i remain, as ever, confident of success.

i trust that your day was a most splendid one on the day today that you read this.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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