Monday, January 19, 2015

firestarter, drift and clock

hello there

or, if you like, greetings from a dead man. yes, that man flu, laced as it is with ebola, scurvy and an unspecified pox, is still with me, dear reader. and yet i find the strength and the courage to shrug it off, barely whine about it and press onwards, look you see.

it was with some delight that the joys and majesty of public transport was in fact very much active today, despite the snow. regular readers shall recall, i had some fears yesterday around the understandable elation and sheer joy at snow proper being a thing that the buses would not ride as they usually should. as it turns out they were running, just with some delays here and there. as in, to wit, the bus i boarded was one that arrived at a time i would normally, if not nominally, expect to do so, only it was a bus that should have been at the spot where i boarded it some 30 minutes earlier. oh, and indeed hey ho.

being unsure of how transport would work later in the day, when verk was finished and it was time to head home, i felt obliged to get something that would allow me to charge up my phone, and possibly my proper ipod, too. the phone to call for taxi or assistance, the ipod proper should i have been facing an 8 to 12 mile walk home.

it was with some delight that i discovered them nice people at the pound shop, or pound land or whatever, would sell me a device that would charge both. and then some.

yes, look and behold, dear yet mere mortals. that is a quid, that is. it charges a proper ipod with the right connector, possibly a lesser Apple product with their "lightning connector", any device, such as my blueberry, that uses a mini USB thing, a camera, a Nintendo device, an omnitrix, a hybrid car thing and any electronic device that has one of them really small hole port things for the charger.

as i bought the above, several news stories came to mind. they were all of press reports pertaining to fires in and around the home of some that had been blamed on USB chargers. one cannot help but wonder if those people - and there are no warnings saying do not do this - happened to try and charge 4 devices at once with one of these cables, with the big or if you like 'proper' USB end plugged into one of those smart netbook things that are, at the best of times, prone to overheating.

i suspect, if you have any fears that require some putting to rest, that i will not be leaving this wire plugged in overnight, or use during the day with more than one device in it.

the snow? oh, very much still here. as i mentioned, it is snow proper this time, and should hang around for another day or so. observe.

yeah, that's the wheels from first thing this morning, and it still looks pretty much like that this evening. strangely, for the sake of a couple of miles, or a regional border change, it would not look like that at all.

we live in close proximity to one of them provincial borders, look you see. on our side of the border they appear not to take snow seriously at all, or with any great interest. we get a gesture of salt presented to us as a means of gritting and clearing the roads, with the paths left untouched. over the border they get it all cleared away as far as they can. this is something that i shall bear in mind, come the election in May, and i think a few others shall be doing the same. 

but is it snowing down in London, you ask? well, i have no interest if it is or isn't. i assumed it would not be, for when it snows in London they report it like "the worst thing, ever" and create an image of the whole country grinding to a halt as a consequence.

for the sake of clarity and completeness, i asked Spiros, and he did indeed confirm that no, there was no snow.

he also sent this picture of a clock. his houseboy had brought it in for him, and his houseboy had also very kindly thought to remove the battery from it that came with it.

where this gets interesting is that the clock is not really what the houseboy was instructed to bring for Spiros. Spiros had, as point of fact, informed the houseboy to bring some most splendid Marlboro to him, as a gift for me. also, there was an expectation that the houseboy was going to bring Spiros a shirt, or gown or something similar, since the houseboy had made repeated requests for the body measurements of Spiros. a clock is, at the least and to put it somewhat mildly, an interesting alternate or substitute for either of these matters.

does it not ache, do i not feel the pain, you ask, as i write this as i struggle through the hardship and torment of manflu? why, of course it does, but you, dear reader, are full worthy of my discomfort.

but on that note, let me go and sulk for a bit, see if that helps cure it.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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