Sunday, January 18, 2015

snow proper

hello there

thinking ahead, look you see, i can quite see getting to verk tomorrow posing a number of challenges. it was slow going when we had less of what you are about to see here; i wonder if more will be all the impetus that public transport types require to call the whole thing off.

for now, though, some images of us enjoying what can be described as snow proper, or if you like the essential snow. thus far on our adventure we have only experienced the most fleeting of passing layers - today was the day that the real stuff all came along.

just for the record, dear reader, we for the most part had the streets to ourselves. we English - even those who, like me, were recently passed 100% Welsh by a scientific, verified test off of the internet - tend to rather think it is better to stay indoors when the snow comes. this is not the case when you have some rather excited people who live with you, a family no less, that think it must be brilliant to walk around in it and just be in it.

and their thoughts are quite correct. yes, indeed, it takes the strain on calves and other elements of the leg when walking in it. yes, true, it feels like your body is freezing over in it, in particular your fingers. but it is immense fun to be in.

a video snipped of the above street with the snow falling? sure, as best as my blueberry can manage for you, why not. here you go, enjoy a few seconds of it if you so wish......

yeah, i know, if i got one of them Galaxy phone things off of Apple i could make much better videos. however, going on how frequently Apple decides to corrupt and blank my pod of i, there's a compelling case to say i would be bereft of any video with such a device.

if and when i was asked in the twenty years or so i have been in exile from the land and snow, i have said no, i have not missed it at all. not one jot, dear reader. however, walking around in it with my (considerably) better half and our two beloved children, well, i think it fair to say that i am glad to be back within the touch of the stuff.

earlier today, as opposed to later and after i have written this, i had the dubious pleasure of driving in the snow as it commenced falling. this is of some significance as it is, believe it or not, the first time i had ever driven in it. the experience was not so bad as i feared. it was, at that stage, fairly light, and the snow more or less dissolved as it hit the windscreen.

visibility behind me was, however, close to non-existent. i could barely make out anything at all behind me. this was, of course, no biggie, as i seldom have interest in what is behind me; the purpose of driving is to go forward.

i would not, i suspect, have such a positive or relaxed sense of comment and view on it if i had been driving in the far more passionate snow we walked within this evening.

what was the purpose of my drive earlier? weekly shopping thing. a particular highlight was getting myself a new exfoliating sponge,  so that i may exfoliate my skin to a far more exfoliated level than i have been able to with a conventional sponge. a close second to that would be, i guess, some milk.

we walked this evening to go and get that most traditional of Sunday lunches, namely pizza and parmo. it was lovely, as it should be, and i believe we thoroughly earned the indulgence after our stroll to get it.

an image of my (considerably) better half and i taking a moment to enjoy being showered by snow? sure, why not, since i took such an image.

of the traditional activities one can engage in whilst experiencing snow, we had no sledge and we pretty much covered snowball fights all the way from home to the pizza and parmo place. as we waited for our chef to prepare our most magnificent feast, or banquet if you like, we then went off to do that other thing you do in the snow, which is of course to construct a snowman, or if you like a man of snow.

yeah, swallow that Aled Jones, far better than your efforts, i think you will find.

OK, so it's not the most biggest and epic of snowmen ever built, but for a first go and in limited time it is rather impressive, i think. also, it is the first one ever built by the three above, the 75% of my family you like the most, and so i for one shall treasure the look and the image of it from here on out.

another of them sort of "arty farty" shots of the snow falling, as captured at whatever speed and quality it is that my blueberry is capable of? sure.

nice picture, i think, and one captured entirely on an accidental basis.

you probably, however, knowing what rascals you are, my beloved readers, want to see quite a bit more snowman action, if for no reason other than to show by comparison how inferior Aled Jones really is.

if you can make it out in the utra 5K HD image off of my blueberry in this next picture, you will note the rather splendid look of joy on the face of my (considerably) better half as she makes merry and constructs away with the man of snow.

this snow looks all set to stay around for a couple of days, at the least. this, as alluded to in my laboured introduction, will pose some challenges tomorrow. i am led to believe that, in my absence, public transport sort of things have gone very fanny, nancy boy and London like in their approach, cancelling services at the slightest hint of it being a bit chilly.

i will be off as usual in the morning, dear reader, to make my way to verk. if no bus turns up, then you can no doubt expect to look forward to a good rant and rave and whine about it here.

for now, though, go on then, another snow themed selfie of my (considerably) better half and i.

it is rather unfortunate, dear reader - or in this case viewer - that my blueberry phone is not armed with a big massive flashlight. the lack of such a thing made making a video of the construction of the snowman somewhat difficult. i did, however, do the best that my blueberry phone would let me do, and i can do no more.

if you can make anything at all out in this video, well then so much the better.

as we head to the conclusion of this blog post i should warn you, the most persistent reader that has made it all the way to the end, that there is every chance of this being my final post. i woke this fine morning with the agony of a sore throat and a bulbous feeling, somewhat runny nose. yes, dear reader - the dark, stark and harsh truth is that i suspect that my man flu, laced as usual with ebola, scurvy and that think what cows get from time to time - miximatosis, i think - is all set to return. oh, indeed, dear.

but let us cast these medical fears away for now, and enjoy one final picture of the members of my family you are all far more concerned with the health of all enjoying the snow once more.

i can assure you that being hit by the clumps of snow the boys have hold of there was indeed every bit as cold as you might think it to be.

well, that draws to a close another weekend, then, look you see. i hope the weekend that has just been has been a most splendid thing, and i wish you nothing less than amazing ones throughout the rest of the year. and, as it happens, far beyond.

more as and when i overcome the natural hurdle of manflu, or when i have a matter of interest.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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