Monday, January 05, 2015

new bus pass holder

hi there

oh yes indeedy, this post, for the most part, very much does exactly, or if you like precisely, what it says on the box. my imagination stretches just about as far as thinking that for some reason you, dear reader, has some sort of interest in or wish to see the new bus pass holder what i bought during the day today. well, look you see, it is pretty smart, i suppose, if used for a dull yet practical purpose.

yes, it was off to HMV today, as my current bus pass holder of choice, one featuring Heath Ledger as the Joker, was all torn in the middle.

i actually went to HMV last Friday to look for a new one, but they had moved the stand. all i could find was a One Direction, or if you like 1D, one, which i did indeed contemplate purchasing out of my new found, yet lifelong, love of the band. but then also i thought i would rather look around for something else.

this rather fine collage sort of thing of some of the finer moments of them that do the Batman comics is what i opted for. i had, outside of this and 1D, limited choice, in truth. if not this one, then i would have got a Guardians Of The Galaxy one. others on offer were the Terminator one what i already have, a Minecraft one, a Sex Pistols one and one for that TV show Breaking Bad, that i have not seen as it all sounds highly one dimensional. yes, yes i know, everyone keeps saying to me "no, it's brilliant, honest", but it just looks dull and limited to one narrative, which is a bit much for a 5 series TV show. i will give it a try one day, but at this stage i am not prepared to commit to a bus pass holder that celebrates it.

how is the new bus pass holder going thus far? very well, really. i am learning to love it. i mean, i did see an ace Guns N Roses Appetite For Destruction one for sale on the web that i really wanted, but my (considerably) better half reckons it would be "wasted" on me, with i having only seen them live the once and bought the records and that.

just so this blog post is not a total waste of your time, or indeed is nicely converted to being a complete waste of your time, here is an image of Nigel Havers what has been doctored to show him holding some Quavers. many thanks to the interested parties that forwarded this to me.

this of course relates to the Sprios review of 2014, which you can find on this blog, if you insist. for some reason - although i admit wisely - the thing people have taken away from his review of the year is Quavers, and have tended to ignore the rest.

yeah, i find the mention of them being cheese flavour Quavers quite strange and possibly superfluous too. is it not the case that one can in fact only get Quavers in cheese flavour? if there are others, well then so much the better i guess, but i am unaware of this being the case.

right, do that will. i sort of promise to try and find something of greater interest for the next post, peeps, but many thanks for reading this.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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