Monday, May 06, 2013

miracles of the Post Office

hi there

sorry for the delay between posts, been a bit busy! anyway, let us move on to the rather exciting story of how the Post Office does things.

now, regular readers will be aware that the Post Office here has had a ludicrous strike to deal with this year. i am not unsympathetic to their plight, then, but the latest round of shenanigans does have me not so much raising an eyebrow as it does taking a few screen shots and posting here.

i got one of those coded messages from my Dad, one that tells you something without giving any specifics as such. in this case it related to a parcel landing, but did not say which one. i thought that he might have meant a registered one i sent a few weeks ago. i thus duly went to check on the interwebnets via the tracking number to see if it was that one which had landed. alas, it seems, not. far from it.

here, have a look at this.

yes, if you can make the text out there, it has thus far taken this parcel 8 days to move from the post office branch to the sorting office. 8 days. not 8 working days, in fairness - if you want it in those terms then it would be 4 working days.

you may well think, or simply assume, that where i posted it from must be of some great distance away from their central "hub" for processing and distributing mail. not really.

yep, the above shows the distance it has taken a small registered item to move 8/4 days. wow.

the slightly good news is that after a mere 3 days sat at this "hub", it seems that it, with it being the registered item, is just about ready to carry on its merry journey.

the slightly less good news would be that the distance from this "hub" to the airport is just a touch longer than the first leg of its journey.

the mind boggles as to how long now it shall take to get going. i can only hope that it somehow "flukes" a journey and gets to its destination by next weekend, which is when it was intended to arrive. that would be why i posted it when i did.

as of last year, and for a fair while, the SA Post Office had really, truly gotten its act together. all international mail, either sent or received, took about 8 - 10 days. we are now in a position where they seem to be taking that time to just do the f*****g job they are paid to do. a massive drop in standards. at least, for the most part, they appear to have stopped stealing mail.

hey ho, fingers crossed the parcel just turns up close to being in time!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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