Thursday, May 23, 2013

ahem, new shirt

hi again

well, as William got a treat recently in the form of some class Superman Lego (see previous post) it is only fair that James should get something that he wanted too. this would not usually be a problem as such, since usually he wants a new game or something like that, but this time it ended up being something a little bit more, erm, delicate.

he wanted a new shirt, you see. a very specific new shirt. i have tried to convince him that no, he does not actually want this shirt, but he assures me that actually yes he does.

here it is.......

yes, that is what you think it is, albeit (mercifully) free of the usual advertising on the front. sadly, one cannot by Middlesbrough shirts outside of Middlesbrough, and anyway James has expressed a reluctance to wear a Boro one. well, not until they have won the Champions League or signed Van Persie, anyway.

the lady in the shop where i bought this from was slightly puzzled about the fact that i was doing an awful lot of swearing as i voluntarily handed over money for it. she at least had the good sense not to ask if i was also a fan of the mighty Manchester United. i respect what they have done and that, but for me there is only one team.

oh look, it came with a baseball cap thing, too.

James also has on his class new "Predator" goalkeepers gloves. he asked me to get them for him "in case he plays in goal" at some point. i imagine before long i shall be sent off for the shin pads too.

to my friends and family, this incident is not all bad news. part of the arrangement i have with my exceptionally dear friend Shaun in respect of our families being formally united with James marrying his daughter is that James had to undertake to be a Manchester United fan. it seems our end of the deal has been met, then. as this was done without Moe Green being shot through the eye.

right, i am off to look at the receipt for this shirt and cry a little bit.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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