Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ocon Bricks - Kings Of The Road

hi there

a very big "thank" you from me and, oh, dozens and dozens of other drivers this morning to Ocon Bricks, the self-styled "kings of bricks", for making our journeys that little bit more challenging today.

on their webpage they declare that they are a/the "Leading brick manufacturer, Oconbrick is one of the largest suppliers of high quality clay bricks in the Gauteng province of South Africa." in fairness, i suppose, they do not state that they have really good drivers or a delivery system, hence this.

that, dear readers, is an Ocon brick truck making a delivery. it has decided to just stop on the road, presumably near where it has to deliver. in doing so it scored a "double whammy" of both blocking the entrance and exit to a complex and blocked a route into a school, where people were trying to drop their children off. well done.

eventually, presumably as the driver grew tired of being called a number of obscenities by people delayed for no reason beyond "we are Ocon we park where we like", the driver moved the truck on to the side of the road, allowing cars to move about in a conventional manner.

i understand that building things is important and that bricks are an integral part of getting that building done. but really, Ocon? blocking off a road right next to a school at 7:30 in the morning?

i am sure that Ocon are brilliant at manufacturing and selling bricks, they must be to have no care or concern at all about what people at large think of them. in this day and age most businesses and companies tend to worry a very great deal about their public image, as well as their name and reputation, amongst both clients and non-clients that happen to encounter them. it's somewhat refereshing, then, if not peculiar, that Ocon are a company who apparently buck that trend and clearly could not care less what anyone thinks of them.

cheers for causing the delays!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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