Wednesday, May 01, 2013

why does this exist?

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i understand that the English Premier League (or "British Premier League" as they now tend to call it, what with two Welsh teams proudly featuring) is very popular worldwide. i understand that as a consequence the commercial aspects of the Premier League, merchandise and all that, are big business. as a consequence, i understand that pirate or if you will bootleg Premier League merchandise is quite common.

i struggle to understand, though, why someone would go this direction in order to cash in on the Premier League.


yes, the above shows what you think it does - a packet for a set of cards that proclaims no less a side that Tottenham Hotspur to be "top of the league".

i have nothing against Spurs at all. i don't think anyone does, really, except Arsenal and probably West Ham, the latter apparently having something against everyone. i just don't understand exactly how much money a bootlegger thought he would coin in off selling bootleg collectors' cards of Spurs legends. in this instance, i must stress, the phrase legends is used as loosely as you can imagine, only looser. have a look for yourself.

yes, that's right. in one packet we were blessed enough to get 2 (two) cards of Jonathan Woodgate and 2 (two) cards of Peter Crouch. lucky us. whereas there's no doubting Robbie Keane was one of their greatest players, and indeed Spurs were for him one of only 7 or 8 clubs he dreamed of playing form, i am not sure the rest are all that fondly remembered.

stats fans who play rather close attention to the details on the cards above may note that, according to whoever created these class cards, Woodgate is a 6 star player whilst Gomes is a 4 star player. you have to ask exactly which games was whoever awarded these ratings watching and did they really think Woodgate was that good?

i am sure i am sat on these when out there someone exists that would think these are the best things ever to own. please say that this is true, someone. i cannot believe a bootlegger went to all the trouble of having these made for the benefit of no one. perhaps Mr Woodgate would quite like to own his own cards, i suppose.

as for how i worked out that these were bootleg cards rather than official Premier League merchandise, well, there's a bit of a clue on the back of the packet, on which a substantially abridged history of the league is given.

i think "Brian Denney of Object Launched into the Premiership first ball" is meant to translate as "Brian Deane scored the first ever Premier League goal" or something at least a bit like that.

if for some reason you are interested in owning these cards then please contact me and we shall see what we can arrange.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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