Friday, May 24, 2013

farewell threads

hi there

well, this i suppose is a bit of a rather indulgent post, really. i will be surprised if this is of much interest to anyone, but you never know. in the main it's just for my amusement.

my sorting out of stuff continues on and i have now reached a stage where i am trying to sort out my extensive but hardly high quality wardrobe. i have a tendency, or at least have had, to not get rid of clothes that either no longer fit or are too much of a mess to wear anymore. the latter is of relevance here, as i have some shirts that i want to keep for sentimental / worship of band reasons, but they are in no fit state to retain.  a happy compromise, then, is to just pics of them here before they get binned!

here, and frustratingly with no close up possible (when i try to trim the pic to post it for some reason the image gets flipped and crammed), is my t-shirt, erm, celebrating the single Begging You by The Stone Roses. 

it would be really, really, really good if The Stone Roses released a new single. anything, really, as the legacy at the moment stands as having Begging You as their last single released.  it's not an awful song as such, but just simply not really single material. this was reflected in the poor, poor chart performance at a time when people still bought singles. ho hum.

from the era of Begging You comes the next t-shirt, and this one as you can see is truly battered to the point of being past it. behold, before it goes, my ace Second Coming t-shirt.

it's a bit of a shame that the Second Coming album gets next to no love in this world, not even from the band who, i think, limited songs from that whole era to two or three in gigs last year.  next year, i think, marks the 20th anniversary of this above average if not brilliant album; it would be nice if some sort of "anniversary edition" turned up. although i do already have three copies of it from the time, all of them being ever so slightly different.

for some reason this blog allowed me to upload a close up of this shirt without fiddling, so here you go. what a shame it's being overtaken by holes.

i have not quite hit all the shelves where i have shirts stored as yet, but i am hoping that my other Stone Roses shirts, Waterfall and She Bangs The Drums, are in decent enough condition to keep, although i very much doubt that they shall fit me too well these days. 

do i have t-shirts that are not tributes to The Stone Roses? yes, of course. here, ladies and gents, is one i am really sad to see go - my most excellent Suede one!

a number of you will not need me to tell you this, but that's the artwork off the excellent Animal Nitrate single. i seem to recall getting some peculiar and funny looks as i walked around wearing this. i don't think anyone actually took offence to it and spoke to me about it, though.

here's a slightly different view of that t-shirt for you!

i would very much like to have more Suede t-shirts in my collection, to be honest. they are just as stylish as the one above. i suspect, however, that they are not made to my size. i may find one, you never know.

i have found a number of t-shirts that look as class as these, but are very much being kept. very much at the top of the getting kept pile are my two infamous, offensive t-shirts from a band known as Tin Machine. i will take some pics of them and post eventually!

if for some reason you've found these images interesting or useful, most happy day!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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