Saturday, May 18, 2013

Roberto Mancini, gent.

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there's a common view out there that these days football is all about money, self-interest and business. gone, some say, are the days of loyalty, of remembering how important clubs are to fans and an appreciation of the beautiful game.

for the most part, that's been shown to be not the case with all the tributes and comments around the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. if, however, you want proof that decency still exists in football, take a look at this advert Roberto Mancini took out in the newspaper in Manchester today.

wow, what a gesture. i think the only other time i saw something like this was from the German national side after Euro 96, when they thanked England for the hospitality and a fantastic tournament.

some may interpret the above as a dig at Manchester City for dismissing him. to those i ask, where exactly is the dig? in showing the trophies he won for the club and, most importantly, the fans? i don't think so. my view is this is an incredible gesture from a thoroughly decent man towards a remarkable set of fans. and in remarkable, i mean that Manchester City attracted crowds in the tens of thousands even when in the lower divisions - something i doubt you would find at certain other clubs.

best of luck with your next managerial job, Mr Mancini. you will bring a touch of class to any side you take over, and i think everyone will wish you well.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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