Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Manics on the streets of Auckland.....

hi there

for some reason i note that i get a good deal of what is called "traffic" from New Zealand and a lot of hits for things relating to the Manic Street Preachers. how great it is, then, to be able to put those two fine things together!

the Manics are busy recording a new album, but have found time to catch a bit of rugby. and by a bit of rugby i mean they've decided to follow the British Lions around Australia and New Zealand, doing some gigs. this is excellent for Australian fans of the band, but truly brilliant and best for our Kiwi friends, for the band have not been there before.

you can read of the gig announcement here and buy tickets for the gig, July 2 by the way, here.

now, i can only hope that at least a decent percentage of the hefty family i have in New Zealand get along to see them. they all turned down the chance to see The Stone Roses when they graced NZ with their presence, but i really do hope they don't pass the chance to see them. even my Dad, i dare say, would probably like most of their stuff. well, most of their more "mellow" stuff from the last 15 odd years; i would imagine he would be left confused and bewildered by just about everything off The Holy Bible.

a further hope is that they have such a good time on this tour that they do it all again the next time the British Lions head to South Africa. despite the band thinking they have "no international appeal", they do have a stack of fans here, at least one or two gigs' worth of arena.

remember, NZ fans, take a boa, take bangles to give to Nicky Wire, take cigarettes for James and Sean really likes guns and gadgets!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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