Sunday, May 12, 2013

my sister in law the Bieblever

hi there

it is perhaps not as often as i would like that i can get my dear sister-in-law Tasha something that she would really cherish, but today was one day that i could.

today is a pretty big day here, as that Justin Bieber thingie is doing, well, doing whatever he does on a stage this evening. i am not 100% sure what it is all the Bieblevers (if that's the right term) go to watch. my only experience of the Bieber was seeing him in one of them CSI things. in that he seemed to be very angry with black people indeed, to the extent of trying to blow them up, and for his troubles he was shot a great many times, i think by every cast member the show had.

moving on, and here is Tasha with her gift, still wrapped.

that's Jade sat next to her, by the way. now at this stage you have to remember that Tasha has no idea that one of the things she wants most in the world is wrapped up and in her hands.

here she is having a little peek, trying to work out just what item of merchandising magnificence i have obtained from her through the conventions of retail engagement.

Jade certainly seems to think it's something explosive as she's backing off a great deal. 

when Tasha had the present open, she found it difficult to express the correct words to convey her enthusiasm for the gift. with words failing her, Tasha had to resort to excitedly throwing the shirt down and take some sort of lunge at me, presumably a kind of physical manifestation of thanks.

when Tasha found the courage of a voice, being aware that she now at last owned a Justin Bieber t-shirt, she made a vocal gesture in the direction of your humble narrator that sounded very much like "thank you". several times she said it, although the "th" sounded rather "ff" like. and the "an" bit came out a bit like a sort of "uc" sound.

presumably her excited state made her unable to say the right words correctly, but it mattered little, for i knew i had done the right thing.

here's Tasha showing off her t-shirt.

yes, it is upside down. i think Tasha did this for the benefit of my friends and relatives in Australia and New Zealand; they being in or around the land down under means that it has to be upside down for us for them to see it the right way round. i am not sure if Bieblevers populate Australia or New Zealand; i suspect that CSI is shown over there too and thus they will have been as entertained by seeing him get shot several times as much as everyone else did.

does Tasha have an "I'm a Bieblever" cup from which to drink some pop as Mr Bieber does whatever the hell it is he actually does this evening? but of course.

with so much excellent, if you will unBiebleverable things going on in her world today, poor Tasha had to take a little bit of a rest to settle down. as Bieblevers are unable, it seems, to sit on regular chairs after a certain point of the day, here she is on the floor in the kitchen, getting her voice ready for a lot of screaming at the Bieber later tonight.

as happy as i was to get Tasha a Justin Bieber shirt, whether she wanted it or not, i am left in something of a difficult spot, really, as i am uncertain as to what gift i could give next that could compare. it would be bloody handy if some One Direction merchandise turned up on the shelves here, or even a retro set of New Kids On The Block shirts. hey ho, i will do my best, and can truly do no more than that!

enjoy singing along to whatever it is that the Bieber sings, Tasha!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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