Thursday, May 23, 2013

construction time again

hi there

time to take a break from what i am so busy with these days and do an update here, methinks!

William has taken a real shine to building things with Lego. this is in particular the case with some ace Batman and Captain America sets we picked up for the boys a while ago. wanting all the 'super villains' (i think they only have Catwoman, but i could be wrong) as well as many more Batman figures William asked me to get him another Batman set.

i could not find one, alas, but i did find this rather smart set!

Superman is, at the least, a firm favourite of William, and so he was not too disappointed with a lack of any new Batman set. not disappointed at all, actually - he was thrilled with it. Daddy was somewhat happy to be given the task of constructing it all, with the fiddly bits sometimes being a bit problematic for my fingers, they being somewhat bigger than the target age market for this sort of thing.

as you can see from the box, it's sort of a tie-in with the imminent Man Of Steel film, as well as it being part of the current run of Lego Super Heroes range, part of which is the excellent Lego Batman film which i would suggest everyone watch. it's class.

here are some efforts of taking pictures of the set, with my better than the older one blueberry phone thing but still not perfect, sorry!

as far as i can see this Man Of Steel film is very much a Dark Knight-ing of the tale of Superman, so that means the boys shall not be watching it any time soon. i suspect, however, that the Lego set has little to do with the new film - exactly why would Superman or General Zod require a car? a snazzy yellow and black one with a difficult to attach windscreen, yes, but still i do not see why either would ever need to drive?

a minor gripe would be that General Zod and Superman are provided with the same face / head. yeah, i know you can't see that too clearly in these pics, sorry. after the efforts to give different characters different faces in sets from Batman as well as Star Wars and what have you this is a touch disappointing, but hardly end of the world stuff.

overall, though, this set, one of the smaller ones and thus indeed one of the most modest priced sets out there, this is a brilliant thing to have. it looks a lot better than the one which was nearly twice the price and 50% bigger, featuring Zod in some big black ball.

except, i must add, as William informs me it is not General Zod.  William isn't particularly interested in Superman II and thus he doesn't really know the class of Terence "kneel" Stamp. William insists, then, that this new Lego character is in fact Lex Luthor, despite the presence of hair.

on that note, i am not too sure i am  looking forward to the 'reimagined' General Zod in Man Of Steel. the General Zod that was cool in Superman II was the restrained, quiet one. the new interpretation looks all shouty and angry from the trailers and posters. Mr Crowe and Mr Costner look like they will be superb in it, though.

anyway, on to the more important things, and William as you can see is very much impressed with the new Lego set!

righty-ho, i think that will do for this update! i trust it has not come across as a selling job; i would imagine that Lego do not need me to market any of their products for them, let alone 'super hero' based ones!

i suppose i had better have a look around and see if i can spot any more of the sets. the Lego Joker, for a start, looks class! and if i can find an actual Lex Luthor, well so much the better!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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