Friday, April 22, 2011

Uncle Trevor's rather avant-garde take on Uncle Colin's birthday

hi everyone

well, many thanks to Uncle Trevor for sending through a few more pictures this week. trust me, what they lack in number they more than make up for in file size, but that's another story.

the subject of Trevor's pictures this time were the highlights of the almost universal celebrations held in regards of the birthday celebrations of my Uncle Colin. and, as the title suggests, Trevor has taken a considered, stark and audacious approach to the subject matter. whereas anyone can just take pictures at will of the birthday boy and what not, Trevor has gone for the braver approach in terms of focus and observation.

here is, i am assured, Colin blowing out the candles on his birthday cake.

i am led to believe that it is indeed Colin in the light grey top, his face obscured by whoever it was presumably lighting the candles. whereas on the one side i could imagine Colin not wanting more explicit pictures of what he was doing at the time this one was taken falling into my hands (yes, the notion of a subject for a post called "Colin blowing" has crossed my mind), it would have been nice to get a bit more of a glimpse of him, nice though his right ear lobe is.

as for the remainder of the pictures, Trevor has not so much focused on presenting pictures of Colin a year older and wiser, but more, i think, on things that Colin finds imporant. probably. like, for instance, this

and this

well, what can i say but thank you for the insights, Uncle Trevor! around the world Uncle Colin's birthday is usually celebrated with a series of parades, the odd depraved set of orgies and one or two ritualistic slaughterings of unspecified animals. it is fascinating to see, on a certain socio-political level, that no such celebrations took place in the back yard of the birthday boy.

oh and by the way, Uncle Trevor, if you select the pictures you want to send, right click over any one of the highlighted ones and select "send to...." and then left click on "mail receipient" from there, it will give you the option to reduce the size of the pics you send. if you try something other than "send at exact size" i assure you the images will arrive just fine, only they will not take some 45 minutes to download.

many thanks to Uncle Trevor for the insights, and happy birthday once again Uncle Colin!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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