Thursday, April 07, 2011

the annual Stone Roses reunion story

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unsurprisingly, the NME are running a story from the (ahem) 'newspaper' The Sun that celebrated band The Stone Roses are, "at last", to reunite. this is a fairly common story every year, although this one seems to have come a bit early - usually it's around the "slow news time" period of the middle of the year that this one gets run.

there does, however, seem to be a slight amount of truth in these current reports, steeped as they are in tragedy.

the sad passing of Mani's mother earlier in the year saw John Squire and Ian Brown both attend the memorial service. this would be, as far as anyone is aware, the first time the two have met face to face for about 16 years. reports are that they have, if you will excuse the expression, "buried the hatchet" and the signs are that a lifelong friendship (or as good as) has been resumed.

despite the unfortunate, tragic circumstances, i really hope the above is actually true. the saddest part of the split of The Stone Roses was the way in which it ended, which is to say that it more or less destroyed overnight a lifelong friendship between John and Ian.

the bit that's a little tougher to accept is that they decided at a memorial service to reunite the band.

i would be really, really surprised if it turned out that, after not seeing each other for 16 years, the two of them sat and had any sort of conversation about The Stone Roses, let alone one which concluded with "well, yeah, let's get the band back together, as long as Reni agrees.". none of them have shown any inclination to do so, in particular John Squire, who went very public with a lack of a wish to put the band together again in 2010 and of course in 2009. in fact, i would suggest that any hope there is of John and Ian's friendship resuming would be reliant on absolutely no talk whatsoever of a reunion.

as for the "if Reni agrees" line, well, as he was the first to quit the band that is an odd condition, perhaps just as odd that he was not at the memorial service. Reni has more or less kept himself to himself since the demise of the band, outside of a brief flirtation with a band, the sadly short lived The Rub. anyway, if Reni was not at the service, well, it's no business of mine or anyone else's as to why not.

The Stone Roses were a beautiful phenomenon. outside of the ridiculous amount of money being offered for a reunion, a factor which none of them seem particularly motivated by, there does not seem to be much in the way or reason or chance behind trying to recreate it. great if John and Ian are friends again and let this be a wonderful excuse to play their astonishing debut album again. other than that, don't get too excited about the prospect of seeing them together again.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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