Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Harlo Gang

hey everyone

blimey, a glance at the calendar suggests that it is more or less a year since the more radical wing of the Harlo gang were stuck on holiday here thanks to the unexpected eruption of a volcano! as far as i am aware they have more or less avoided air travel since then, and i am certain that Dad has stopped inviting people who are reliant on a plane to leave from visiting him.

to mark this anniversary, what better thing to do than show off some pictures of the radical element of the Harlo gang celebrating Mothers' Day with the somewhat more liberal members of the gang? many thanks indeed to Uncle Trevor for sending these on!

first off, here is a picture of the lovely flowers that Mum arranged to be delivered for Gran!

nice bloomers!

and, speaking of Gran, here she is surrounded by the rather more radical wing of the Harlo gang!

i should point out that Gran is a moderate, and i suspect that Ruby is most certainly not one of the "radicals".

as for which camp Uncle Trevor sits in, i am not entirely sure, but here he is anyway!

now, something of a Harlo tradition on Mothers' Day is a game of hide and seek. whereas my Uncle Colin is quite rightly proud of his slim, well looked after physique, i am not at all sure it's all that thin enough for him to successfully hide from view as much as he thinks he can.....

....and Andrew's idea of hiding in a window, behind Christopher, certainly has one or two flaws to my eyes......

i can just about see my Dad looking at that picture and shouting "get a bloody haircut" at this picture of Andrew on his computer. ignore him Andrew, it looks quality.

many thanks again to Trev for sending on the pictures, great to see you all!!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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