Wednesday, April 06, 2011

more Toy artwork.....

hi everyone

well, for those of you who read all the bits of my blog, you will no doubt recall the post a week or so ago about the emergence of Bowie's unreleased Toy album online. in that post, i provided some excellent ad hoc artwork created by the one they call Mr Richey.

whilst that was good, i did suggest that as the album was intended as a quasi-follow up to Pin Ups, it was probable that the cover would be something akin to a tribute to that album.

for those not familiar with the Pin Ups album or cover, well firstly shame on you! here it is, a fabulous, iconic image of David with Twiggy.

now if for some reason you do not own Pin Ups go and get a copy now!

as for what he could have done as a "tribute" to that cover, someone recalled that he had, around the time that Toy was recorded, done a photo session with the "super model" Kate Moss. would she have cracked the nod as a Bowie album cover star? who knows, but Mr Richey has created two more album covers with pictures from that session!

not sure about the font on this one, but for me i suspect the album cover could well have looked like this first superb one!

then again, this one also looks really, really good!

many thanks to Mr Richey, and i certainly hope that these covers are of use to some of you who may have got their hands on the album!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!
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