Thursday, April 21, 2011

Andrew & Christopher

hey everyone

well, with the throes of spring hitting the fine village of Great Ayton it was excellent of Uncle Trevor to send on some pictures of his other nephews and my cousins Andrew and Christopher enjoying the distinctly tranquil weather!

nice to see that Andrew still has his most excellent hairstyle going on - very proper rock and roll, it looks! not that Chris' hair is bad, mind.

i must say that Andrew has been rather eager to help his eldest cousin, your humble narrator, become somewhat more "hip" and "with it" than usual as he's been forwarding on what he thinks is rather good "new" music. as a direct result of his advice, over the last week or so i have heard music recorded this century by acts such as Everything Everything, The Streets, Elbow and someone called Two Door Cinema or something. this would be the sort of music i would not usually listen to, and i look forward to sharing my experiences with you in the near future.

as for young Christopher, well, you may well wonder why exactly he is wearing a jumper or "hoodie" of sorts if the sun is blazing down upon the village. that would, it seem, to be because of the shirt he has on underneath it. look, if you dare, at what he is wearing in the otherwise astonishing and excellent picture below.

that really is an excellent picture Trevor, nice one!

why on earth Christopher's parents allow him to walk around in such a grotesque, offensive and quite possibly legally obscene shirt is, quite frankly, beyond me. i have heard speak of Christopher wearing this willingly, which surprises me somewhat.

i have, at the least, corrected the typo on the front of the shirt in the picture below.

oh, and by the way, happy birthday to both Colin & Angela! they celebrate their birthdays this weekend, which i am sure they shall do with some style and some cake when they have quite finished dressing up Christopher in such outlandish garments!

whereas updates are getting to be infrequent from me anyway, with it being a spectacular holiday weekend on my end of the world i'm not sure when the next images shall appear here! maybe today, maybe over the weekend, maybe next weekend! in the mean time, then......

be eggselent to each other this Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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