Thursday, April 28, 2011


hey everyone

well, as April 27th is a holiday in our corner of the world we decided to go off and do something that would be fun for the boys. expecting a brisk, damp day we opted for the magnificent Yeesh! playhouse. it's effectively a massive warehouse / factory store type place that has been gutted and had the biggest play pen in history built inside it.

as it turns out, it was a rather sunny day but with a sharp cold wind, the latter being why we went along anyway. and the boys were rather glad that we did!

whereas William enjoyed all the climbing and sliding he could do, it has to said that the best for him was just a load of balls he could hold on to and briefly claim as his own. if the whole place was just a load of mats and balls, he would truly have been in his element!

James, meanwhile, is not that thrilled by just grabbing a ball and holding on to it. he is very interested, however, in all the climbing and running he can do there, as well as building excellent castles from the foam blocks. well, building them and knocking them down!

all the climbing on offer there does give James the margin to sit around on top of things and perfect his "it wasn't me" look and whistle!

i do hope you enjoyed that picture above, by the way, as that was about the only moment that he was still enough to get a halfway decent picture! for the rest of the time there, which was the important part of the afternoon, there was no stopping him!

best for both boys, of course, was when they could climb up something together, which was preferably done in the area that's supposed to be for under 3s only. it's not like anyone was going to tell James that he couldn't do it, of course!

the more observant of you will have noted that William is "climbing" with the help of Mummy's helpful hand, and indeed that William has a scratch or two on his forehead. the climbing he eventually perfected himself; the scratches are the remnants of a long running feud he engaged in with a sink at Grandma and Grandad's at the weekend. both are still standing, so it' tricky to say who the winner is.

once at the top of this particular time, there was margin for both of them to play king of the castle!

and, of course, it's not like they climbed back down from there. at the other end of the padded ladder up is one of the most excellent slides in history, and William absolutely loved it!

needless to say all of us were somewhat exhausted from the afternoon out at this place. keeping up with the two of them is a distinctlt tricky task! afterwards it was off for some well earned KFC, and then just "chill time" as we were all back off to school and verk today!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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