Monday, April 18, 2011

great moments in parenting : William and the chainsaw

hey everyone

there's a wonderful story from the making of the rather misunderstood great film Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace, if one is to give the full title to the film. apparently, on the first day of shooting a light sabre duel, Ewan McGregor did very, very well indeed except for one thing - the crew assured him that the sound effects guys would add in the noise of the light sabre later on, and could he please refrain from doing it himself.

i bring this tale up as William has taken a shine to walking around with James' ace toy light sabres and making a sort of "whu whu" sound with them, much like James and Daddy do when they are playing with them. what is even better - yes, even better - than this is that William has discovered James' ace toy chainsaw that i bought a few years ago. William has happily been running around with it, making some most excellent "voom voom voom" noises as he waves it about or drags it along the floor.

i do really, really love the picture above!

William has, however, stopped making the "voom voom" noises. not that he has stopped playing with it, far from it. quite by accident he found the button that makes it make an engine revving noise, and indeed makes the chain on it go round and round!

he is rightly proud of doing this, just as indeed i am proud of him!

at present it has to be said that young William is taking the strain somewhat. he has a number of teeth coming through at the same time, and indeed appears to be having a growth spurt of note! poor thing! oh well, i am sure it shall all be worth it when he is even bigger than he is now, and big enough to really cause mayhem with his older brother!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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