Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Ben 10 Boys

hey everyone

well, if you want to see whoever it is that invented this Ben 10 character and series, you presumably would have to look up quite high as they are sat on a huge pile of cash as far as i can see. and good luck to them!

James is quite the fan of this chap that can morph or change into a variety of aliens, and if truth be told Mummy loves it too. i am so-so with it, but William seems to be developing his brothers' love of the show and concept.

which is rather handy, really, as James loves wearing any and all items of clothing that feature Mr Ben 10, and is quite keen for William to follow suit, as it were. with that in mind, then, James was thrilled when i got him and his brother matching shirts!

James clocked straight away that the two of them now had matching shirts, but William only noticed, and was indeed delighted, when the two of them had them on. as shown here!

my apologies for once again not being able to capture the two of them "posing" at the same time! both of them, every now and then, like posing for a picture, but it is rather rare that they have the interest in doing it at the same time!

and yes, the eagle eyed amongst you, those are indeed Ben 10 socks that James has on in the picture above!

well, with some luck i will get a picture of the two boys posing together soon. in the mean time, hope these images have been an interesting update!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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