Wednesday, April 06, 2011

James and William - April already!

hey everyone

well, my attempts to update pictures here on a more frequent basis hasn't worked out thus far, has it? sorry, been a bit busy of late!

anyway, without further ado, here are some recent pics of the boys. how recent? well, how about you try yesterday afternoon. yes, that's how cutting edge fast the internet is. and how much of the boys? well, Michele sneaks in to one of them. this bit is waffle, isn't it?

here's James, who as you can see has taken something of a shine to striking a pose for pictures, and indeed is quite keen to show off the multi-coloured bag of popcorn he got his hands on!

now, i did promise that Michele had sneaked into a picture, and here it is. James does very much love Mummy!

now then, i tried my best to get a picture of James and William together, but alas it didn't quite work out. outside of the enthusiasm for the coloured popcorn, the two of them were also getting very busy with a Bakugan beach ball that i bought as a treat.

here is the closest i got to the two of them together!

meanwhile, William is developing a very happy hobby of being delighted to smile and pose for the camera, as this delightful picture shows!

as you can see, those teeth are arriving thick and fast for the young man!

righty-ho, let me see what else i can update here!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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