Monday, April 25, 2011

the Star Wars duels in our house

hi everyone

well, i seem to have been able to find the time to do some updates this long weekend!

James and William rather like having class Star Wars duels in and around the house, as i've mentioned earlier. normally, alas, they've ceased (and presumably the Jedi have restored order to the galaxy) by the time i get the camera out, but over the last few days i've had some luck in capturing them up to it!

you will notice that, strictly speaking, William isn't brandishing a proper lightsaber. well, he is as he has the red one there, but he does tend to find it rather cumbersome. the hallmark of a true Jedi is the construction of one's own lightsaber, and William has indeed done this by grabbing a curved green part off an old mobile. it might not look as pretty, but it is effective!

it is rather handy that William has constructed his own as James rather likes showing off that he is "king of Jedis" by brandishing two at the same time!

William, who still likes posing for pictures as you can see below, really doesn't worry about being king of Jedis or anything like that, he really just likes making "dush dush" noises with them and battering them on things / people / cats.

now then, James is pretty good at re-enacting scenes from the Star Wars films. he can do you, for instance, all of the dialogue between Obi Wan and Darth Vader in A New Hope word for word. i do not know, however, which of the films features a Jedi stopping mid-battle to blast a quasi-vuvuzela, but here you go!

William really enjoys the lightsaber battles with James, just as much presumably as James does. however, i suspect William has clocked that they are going to lead to something being broken along the way. witness, then, his already perfected "it wasn't me" look!

hope you've all been having a quality long weekend!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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