Monday, April 25, 2011

Uncle Trevor's slightly less Avant Garde pictures of Uncle Colin's birthday

hi everyone

well, Uncle Trevor read my celebration of his pictures over the weekend. once he had accepted that it was not a slur or slight on his art, he decided to send some more images of the celebrations over. this time he has yielded to the tempation to include actual, visible images of the birthday boy himself!

erm, yes, they are for the most part images of him messing about with fire, which to some is always going to be a noble hobby. this would be particularly true of messing about with fire as it pertains to birthday cakes, certainly.

now then, those of you who during the original post that got quite excited about a glimpse of Colin's right ear lobe are in for a treat. brace yourselves, and embrace and enjoy, if you so which, the sort of symmetrical left ear lobe of my Uncle Colin.

i should perhaps resist over-stimulating the dear audience of this blog, in particular as this is the 69th post of the year, but for the "old school" enthusiasts of the last picture, here once again is Colin's right ear lobe, paired with a rather explicit image of him messing about with fire.

i am somewhat, if not overly, concerned about just how excited Christopher seems to be about this messing with fire business. i shall say no more, however, for at least he does not have that ghastly Newcastle shirt on.

the more observant of you will have noted Gran almost appearing in the picture above, too. here she is, i am delighted to say, in something of a better view, apparently rather happy that Colin has finished messing about with fire.

many thanks indeed for these more conventional pics, Trevor! nice though the other ones were, of course! we are all really looking forward to seeing how your artistic muse takes you with pictures of Angela's birthday!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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