Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Sweet - Blockbuster!

well, believe it or not, it's 37 years ago today that the magnificent song Blockbuster! by The Sweet was at number one at the charts. well, 37 years ago and a bit, as it had quite a reign at the top. not sure when it first went to number one, but i know for certain it remained there on this day in history.

of all the classic glam rock singles, this one was one of the best. The Sweet might not have had the genius talent of Bowie, the overwhelming good looks of Bolan, the spelling of Slade or quite as much glitter as Gary Glitter, but boy did they know how to have fun with a three minute pop single! Blockbuster! had everything thrown into it they could think of - sirens, massive drums, a touch of chanting, some more massive drums, an ace guitar rift, warnings if you had long hair of a particular shade and a jolly pleasant rhyme.

what was the song all about, exactly? just who or what was the "Block Buster" they were on about, wishing us all to take care whilst the cops were out? don't know and don't really care, the whole thing just sounds so cool! if Block Buster was ever caught and indeed taught they never mentioned it in another song, so there you go.

if for some reason you have never ever heard this track, well, happy shopping. my advice would be any of the many "best of" sets of The Sweet, or possibly just the soundtrack for the excellent Life On Mars TV series. you should also scout around for their legendary appearance on Top Of The Pops to do the song - you get to hear and see the massive drums i might have mentioned.

whereas my Mum & Dad were rather busy with other matters 37 years ago today, i'd very much like to think that the two "i was there" glam enthusiasts in the family, Uncle Trevor and Auntie Susan, were in town buying this single on this day in history!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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