Friday, February 26, 2010

Greedo Unmasked!

hey everyone

Total Film more often than not has one or two good articles in their features section every day, but today's one is particularly good. they have somehow (and more on that later) assembled some great, rare images from the original Star Wars trilogy of films.

one of the more striking images they have is certainly this one, apparently from a rehearsal for one of the more famous scenes in the first film

i am not getting into that whole "Han shoots first" debate, except to say that the "special edition" version of the scene where they alter the footage to make it look like Greedo shoots first does look really silly!

next up is C3-PO having a fag, apparently.

i wonder what brand Anthony Daniels prefers, and am puzzled as to why George Lucas didn't include some related product placement in the films? i mean, sure, a lot of people went to see Star Wars, but just how many more would have gone if they knew they would see a smoking robot (droid, if you must)?

now then, on the "somehow" part of the pics they have obtained, a number of them are just plain cheating in regards of calling them "rare". one or two have the tell-tale "HyperSpace" logo from the official site, whereas the one below is clearly just a still from a DVD!

overall, though, there are more good than dud pics, like for instance this one. i had no idea that the legendary, talented Treat Williams was in The Empire Strikes Back?

for many more pics (well, 26 and these for) click on this link and enjoy. yes, there are pictures of Leia in her "slave bikini" outfit, but best of all is probably one of a certain other member of the cast dressed as Darth Vader......

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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